Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Firsts

Whoooo what a week; lots of new firsts. Grandma and Papa Schlenker were in town for the weekend and they gave me lots of loving.

For my birthday, they gave me a Fisher Price farm and a snow suite. It’s a good thing because I love going outside even when it is cold and I don’t want the snow to stop me. It snowed once this week which was exciting but has been pretty mild ever since. Daddy has been looking for a cheap commuter car because he can’t ride his motor bike in the snow. If anyone can help us out that would be greatly appreciated.

Last Saturday, BYU played and we ALL went. Unfortunately the first game mom decides to take me to, it pours rain. Luckily it only lasted a little while, but it definitely made finding parking and staying warm a challenge. I was pretty good for the whole game but afterward, mom’s arms were pretty sore because I prefer her holding me to anyone else.
After saying goodbye to Grandma and Papa, we had a pretty quiet week. It’s a good thing because once November arrives, things are going to get crazy, at least for mom and me. First mom is heading to California for a friend’s wedding and Grandma Schlenker is coming back to babysit me. Mom is getting pretty nervous about leaving me for 4 days and hopes she will enjoy this nice break she gets. Two days after mom gets home, her and I fly to Toronto to visit Uncle Matt, Auntie Crystal and Cousin Wyatt. That trip is going to be so much fun! Then a day after we get home from that, mom is substitute teaching a music class for a whole week so I will be getting babysat all day by a friend of my moms. My mom is also nervous about that but at least she gets to hang out with me at night and put me to bed. When that week is over, it is Thanksgiving! We are super sad that we will not be able to go to Daddy’s home in California this year. BYU has a game that weekend and Daddy just can’t get away. We will still plan to celebrate either with Smiths or with Daddy’s colleagues.
Yesterday, mom and dad took me to my first BYU basketball game. I enjoyed it much more than the football because of the squeaky noises and people running around. Plus it was much shorter.
Well I continue to learn really fast and mom figures I learn to understand about 1-2 new words a week. Mom and dad love my new communication abilities and figure I’ll be walking and talking in no time. We aren’t doing too much for Halloween this year. Mom thinks next year will be a good first year to go trick or treating but this year I will just look cute while mom and dad hand out candy.

Me stuck in the stap on mom’s bra.

Mom found this message via diaper the morning after daddy put me to bed.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Foot Fetish

My eye/foot coordination is only getting better. Check it out.

Since Hotel Springville closed for a little while, things have been pretty quiet around here. Except for me… I am jabbering up a storm. Mom and I talk all day and along with a few signs (for drink and eat) I feel we are really communicating. I am also crawling like a big boy. Now that I realize how much more efficient this is, I rarely go back to my army crawl. When mom takes me outside, I love exploring. The weather has been perfect lately so we go outside everyday. Not only I am crawling everywhere, but I continue to climb up on everything and even transfer from one thing to another. The thing I love to transfer to most in my mom though. Hopefully soon I will lean to walk to her.
Now that I am no longer eating from mom, I LOVE my bottle. I sign for it many times a day but mom has to hold strong and only give it to my at meal times or else I doubt I would eat anything else. So far I am having a decent transition to table food. Many things feel different in my mouth and take a long time to eat because I have to chew so much. Mom and I are being patient during this transition and I am sure I will get better soon.
Here are some pictures mom took to say thank you so everyone that got me gifts.
Cute shirt from Cousin Marissa

Drum from Great Grandma and Grandpa Campbell

Wagon from Great Auntie and Uncle

Train from Grandma and Granddad Wilcock and cute shirt from Kate, Kent, Afton and Kent

Cell phone from Smiths

Pirate book from Michelle

Books from Vastolas

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

for a laugh and a half

This is for you, mom.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

At the age of 1

Yesterday was my official birthday so I am now 1 year old!!! It is surreal to mom and dad to think they have only had me for a year because life is just hard to imagine without me. I am pretty much the best baby! About a week after my last post, I started napping again and have been sleeping through the night ever since. I am a much happier baby during the day as a result and mom and I have so much fun. Mom doesn’t know what to do with all of her new found energy.
My awesome schedule permits mom to go to an institute class twice a week at UVU. Her friend Shelly invited her and she loved it so much she decided to enroll for the semester. The class is on church history and the teacher is really engaging. So far I cooperate so well and mom is hoping it lasts through the semester.
Dad is still super busy with school and football. BYU has not been doing great, but our last game showed a bit more promise so I guess that is good news. Even though mom loves BYU, she wouldn’t be heart broken if they didn’t make it to a bowl game this year so that we can have a nice long Christmas holiday with family. Dad travels with the team to Texas to play TCU next weekend.

The past two weekends have been so fun because we have been celebrating my birthday. We have had 2 out of 3 parties so far. The first one was really big. As you may remember it was a pirate party so mom, dad and I dressed like pirates and mom made me a treasure chest cake. Lots of family and friends came and I received so many awesome gifts: a walker train, a cell phone, lots of books, 2 drums, a popping vacuum, blocks, cute clothes and shoes. Grandma Cari, Granddad Wilcock, Great Grandma and Grandpa Campbell and Uncle Derek were all in town from afar to help me celebrate. This weekend, Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper were in town so we had another, much smaller, party today. They brought be a read wagon from my Great Aunt and Uncle and Grandma bought me a “slap chop” so mom can make my meals easier. For both parties I was offered cake, tried it and turned my nose up. There are worse things to not like and at least I liked to play with the frosting. Papa Schlenker is convinced that he can get me to like sweets so we will see when they come at the end of the month.