Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Busy summer and it's only the beginning!

Damon loves sleeping in Mommy and daddy's bed.

A few pictures from Daddy's experience at Nationals

Even though baseball was over after nationals, that didn't mean we could be together. The Schlenker men planned a quadding trip to St Anthony Sand dunes that took daddy away for another long weekend. Though this time, we all drove to Draper, UT and daddy dropped mom and us boys off at the Smiths. We had a nice weekend of visiting and it was a nice change in pace.

Swimming at the Tree House (where Larissa works)

Cooper doing his thing on the love sack

They have a fun neighborhood of kids who all love Larissa so we had some great times just playing with new friends.

Daddy had an absolute blast!!

After this trip daddy was able to spend a few weeks home before heading to an AT national conference in Indiana. During his time at home, we got a lot done on our back yard preparing it for sod. We are getting excited but it is turning out to be much more work than we planned. We will show pictures from each stage when it is all complete... hopefully sometime before the new year ;)
Dad and his friends/coworkers

Cutest 4 month old ever!!!

He is currently 75th percentile for head circumference, 50th percentile for length but only 5th percentile for weight. We may have another skinny one on our hands. We may start solid foods sooner too to try and fatten him up.

Mom is 1 of 2 confident piano players in the ward so probably 3 Sunday's a month we are either going early to church or staying late for song practices. As long as mom brings a diaper bag full of snacks we usually survive.

A very rare occurrence.

One surprise we have been enjoying is a boat Papa bought. Daddy was able to check out and purchase this boat for papa and while we are waiting to deliver it, we have been taking advantage and spent some fun days at a near by lake. We simply borrowed a tube from a friend and had a blast taking turns and floating around. Mommy can't wait to ski behind it!!

Our van hit 100,000 miles. Not all driven by us obviously, though I'm sure we will contribute a lot in the coming years.

Happy Father's day! We custom painted dad some BBQ brushes so that he can spruce up his meat on the grill.

For a while now, Houston has been wanting to throw a baseball party. So we decided to have it on Canada Day! Lots of our friends came and we had tons of fun. Mom would have taken more pictures but Cooper was fussy and daddy was busy pitching.

Damon has rediscovered his baby and has been taking such good care of him.