Monday, June 6, 2016

A Great visit from Great Grandparents

We had been looking forward to Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper all spring! They were excited to come out and explore Colorado once more before we moved too. One trip they wanted to fit in was the drive to Ouray and Silverton, CO. It is a beautiful drive with lots of fun stops. Our first stop was at some intense waterfalls in Ouray and then we went on to Silverton and toured a Mine that is over 100 years old.

We were able to celebrate G&G's 60th wedding anniversary. This also counted as a pre-celebration of mom and dad's 10th wedding anniversary. We went to a fancy Italian restaurant down town and walked around in the perfect weather.

Then we got to celebrate memorial day with a program at a local veteran's cemetery and BBQ later.

Our church had a stake father/son camp out but after they arrived at the site up on the Grand Mesa it was cancelled because of risk of a landslide. But G&G came through for us and reserved a camp sight at the RV park they were staying at.

Coop was not happy when he found out he couldn't go camping. Thank goodness for Grandma and Grandpa snuggles (and a treat and glow stick).

On their last day here, they offered to babysit while mommy and daddy hiked Mount Garfield. Daddy (aka the machine) was unstoppable on the steep terrane. Mommy did her best to keep up.

Lastly, Daddy was able to travel to Rexburg, ID to ride quads on the St Anthony sand dunes with Uncle Mark, Uncle Derek and a few others for a weekend. Dad said this was one of the best trips yet!

Soaking it all in

While our house was being shown, we went on a beautiful bike ride.

Best buddy, Carson's 6th birthday

Life is rough.

Baseball season ended sooner than we anticipated. The team won their conference tournament but weren't able to come together for the regional tournament. We were all hoping the team would go to nationals for daddy's last year. So it was bittersweet to end so abruptly. The team will miss Daddy so much!

Helping daddy make a table top for a friend.

Mommy hanging out with old friends and saying good bye

Our Kinder Garten Grad

Summer hair cuts

Getting so big!

Taking some of the Young Women from church on a hike to get ready for Trek.

One of mommy's good friends from Springville was having a surprise 30th birthday party and mom really wanted to make it there. So she found another friend to drive over to Utah valley with her and they attended a session in the Provo City Center Temple before hand. Daddy was unavailable most of the weekend to help out so mommy had to organize a lot of babysitting and she was so grateful it all worked out!! It was a wonderful weekend!