Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Time

Just days after we got home from California, we had a great visit from Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper. They had flown to Utah to pick up their big Van that had just been fixed and needed to test out its driving. Like all our visitors, we took them on the monument drive and they were a lot of help babysitting while mommy worked.

Early in October we had stake conference (a meeting/gathering of a number of wards in one area) and were lucky enough to have a member of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles preside, Elder Quintin L Cook. Mom and dad told me that I would have the opportunity to see an apostle so when he walked near the isle where we were sitting mom stood my up on the chair to wave to him. When he saw me waving he came right over to where we were standing and shook my hand. Then he shook momma’s hand. During this, momma was nearly in tears because of how much love she felt from such a simple gesture. We were pretty blessed to have such an experience.

Another special event that took place in early October is, of course, my birthday… I turned 3!! This is how my special day started:

This was our first time attending story time at the library and I sure love it! Later that day, dad took me out for lunch to Chic Fil A and mom took me to the park. That night we had my favorite meal, spaghetti and a yummy ice cream cake. After I blew out the candles a gobbled lots of cake, mom and dad gave me the coolest gift: vintige slot car racers. I was a natural as you can see.

We waited a bit before we had my big party. We wanted Grandma and Papa Schlenker to be involved when they visited. The plan was to have play time, dinner, cake and a scavenger hunt at my favorite park, Rocket Park.
But alas, it was not meant to be as the late afternoon brought poring rain. Mom was working until 5 and the party started at 5:30 so on her way home she made quick phone calls to change the location to our house. Luckily Grandma was on top of things and had our place looking spotless just in time. It was a little snug and the scavenger hunt was kind of a bust but all my friends and their families had a nice time visiting and eating. The best part was of course the presents and my cool rocket cake. I got some games and puzzles from my friends and a doctor set and a Buzz Lightyear from Grandma and Papa. Later I received even more gifts: money from great grandparents that went towards a new winter wardrobe; an outfit and Curious George movie from some volleyball girls; and a Buzz sweater, Finding Nemo figurines, and stuffed Boo and Mike from Monsters Inc from Grandma Cari and Granddad (straight from Disney Land).

Mom and dad are always saying how easy I have been to raise as a toddler. Here are some of the things they love about me:
• I am an amazing brother to Damon. Whenever he is sad, I do my best to make him laugh and talk in such sweet voices to him. I even sing to him. I never get mad at him even when he takes away my toys or knocks over a tower I have built. Plus I love to see him grow up and I help mom and dad first teach him new things and then praise when he has success.
• I am so loving and affectionate. I tell each member of my family that I love them multiple times a day. I also give out endless hugs and kisses and ask for them too. Snuggling is one of my favorite ways to relax and I even like to snuggle with my grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles and cousins.
• I am a good listener. Most of the time mom or dad asks me to do something I comply right away. It is usually in the form of “yep sir” or “sure” or “ok mama”. I am good at trusting that what I am asked to do by my parents is right thing to do.
• I love to sing and dance. Even though my dance moves aren’t the best, I love to bust a move whenever music is on. Our family has had a lot of fun dance parties and I hope they continue. I have a great voice and if you come visit, you can often here me playing by myself in sing-song. I have memorized many songs, even long songs like Baby Beluga. Since we just had Christmas, one song I often have in my head is Far Far Away in Judea’s Plain. I even like to make up songs (Swimming in the Ocean) and ask mom and dad to make up songs (dad is much better than mom).
• I am secure with myself. I am usually a little shy at first when I see someone new but it never takes me long to warm up and become friends. Even when mom or dad leaves I trust they will always come back and always greet them with hugs when they return.
• I am very polite. I always try my best to say please, thank you, excuse me and sorry if I make a mistake. Saying sorry has not always been the easiest thing to say but with practice I have become quite good. Mommy believes that a grateful child is a happy child so she tries to remind me to say thank you as much as possible.
• I have a great play imagination. Often I take ideas started in movies or books and create my own little world of play. Usually someone ends up being in distress and I end up saving them or them saving me. Damon can make a really good villain because he is always after something.
• I love to learn and try again if I fail. My parents have witnessed over and over me trying something, failing but getting right back up and trying again. Though it usually does not take much trying before I master something; I am a very fast learner and have a great memory. This is useful while riding my bike, climbing a slide, drawing a picture and saying a new word. I am constantly asking questions and curious about almost any subject. I try to learn as much as a I can everyday.
• I am a good friend. I can be friends with almost anyone. Each time we go to the park, my mom encourages me to make a new friend and most the time I end up getting along and playing with that friend for a while. I am pretty easy going about sharing and games and can be both a follower and a leader.

(This is a thank you card I wrote to one of the volleyball girls. Aren’t I getting good at writing?)

I did eventually show Grandma and Papa Rocket Park and they were pretty impressed. We also explored the Dino Museum the National Monument and a few yummy restaurants (including Starvin Arvins...a must if you visit).