Friday, June 26, 2015

Spring "catch"up

Cooper at 16 Months:

>Loves shoes and calls them "essss". Often the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up is put his shoes on.

>Loves the outdoors and would spend all day outside if he could. As soon as a door opens he bee lines to it. And he is fast!

>Loves to read. Though reading is always a part of our sleep routine, Grandma Schlenker read to him a ton while she recently visited and now, if he is not trying to get outside, he is bringing you a book to read to him. This is giving Houston great practice.

>Loves drinking. If there is a cup, sippy cup or water bottle accessible he will drink it all (or spill it all over himself).
>Loves to bang things and make noise!

>Very difficult to dress. If mom had ever wrestled an alligator, she figures it would resemble trying to dress Cooper... biting and all!
>Sleeps during the night amazingly. Though still a light sleeper, our best sleeper so far. Still takes short naps, usually between 1-2 hours.
>Great eater! The only thing he has refused to eat so far is Spaghetti?!?
>Though he loves best being with his mommy or daddy, he is very social and often approaches acquaintances and woos them into holding him (especially at church).
It was time for the first hair cut

After and happy it's over

Cool new spot along the river trail by our house

Library Super Hero Party

Damon's family tree. He was too tired to make the other side of the family. Genealogy is hard work!

We have been working hard on developing our backyard. We finally got grass and even extended our patio a bit. For preparation for our grass to arrive mommy and daddy spent many tiring hours shoveling stone, pulling weeds and sifting rocks from our soil. But it was all worth it!

Daddy's custom picnic table he built one day... no big deal (aka he is so talented).

All the men in our LDS Grand Junction Stake were invited to participate in a father/son camp out. This was Damon's first real time camping and he loved it!

When daddy cooks he goes all out. This is an Indian dish called Tika Masala with Naan bread.

Daddy was able to go on the annual quad trip to St Anthony sand dunes in June with all the Schlenker boys and their friends.

During this, Grandma Schlenker came for a wonderful visit and we fit so much fun in. She even helped watch the boys so mommy could go to Young Women's camp for a couple days.

Finally, our family took one of our first vacations, just for us (usually our vacations are to go see extended family which is awesome too). We drove about 5 hours to Park City, UT and spent 3 nights at a time share. Our first day was mostly spent swimming with some old friends. Sadly at one point, Damon accidentally jumped into the pool with no life jacket and mommy had to rush in and save him. Unfortunately her phone was in her pocket and though Damon came out just fine, her phone was not so lucky.
Later that day we also visited the Olympic park from the 2002 Winter Olympics.
Damon was quite taken with mommy's friend's little baby.

The next whole day we spent at Park City Resort amusement park they set up during the summer. The boys had each brought some of their own money (earned from household chores) to spend on something over the weekend and both chose to spend it on all-day passes to all the fun rides. Daddy also got a pass and it was a great way to spend Father's Day weekend. We simply have the best dad and he deserves all the fun we can offer after working so hard especially during baseball season.

Some last keepers

While Houston had a "late Night" at one of his friend's houses, Damon and mommy had a special movie night of their own with Big Hero 6, ice cream and snuggling :)