Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer so far

Happy Father's Day!

Here are the answers to an interview mom gave me before father's day:
My Dad is 7 or 10 years old.
His hais is brown and his eyes are brown.
My dad loves to wear motorcycle sweaters.
He loves to eat tacos and pop and rice and milk with chocolate.
He is smart because he knows songs.
My Dad works hard at computers and building trailers.
Daddy always tells me to go to fun places.
It makes my Dad happy when I play with him.
If he could go on a trip, he would go to work and he would take me and his friends with him.
I really love it when my Dad buys me ice cream.
If I could give my Dad anything it would be a towel when he is dirty.
My favorite thing about my dad is going snow skiing.
Pretty darn cute!

Visiting Daddy at work

On a little adventure by the Colorado River
Splash park!

While mommy has been training for her triathlon, we have been spending more one on one time with daddy. Check out the great fun we have :)

Beating the heat in the backyard

Another way to beat the heat (I have trained my ears to here the ice cream truck at least a mile away)

Such good buddies!

Pretty much every Sunday on our way home from church

A few weeks ago, daddy went on a 3 day dirt biking trip through Utah and Nevada with a buddy of his (Jaron - actually an old boss from working at the BYU service station). Pictures from his trip are to come, but here is some footage from his long awaited arrival home.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Present Day, Finally!


Mom and dad just love finding me looking at books on my own.

If you have been around Me, you know I have quite a jabber mouth, though it seems I'm the only one who knows what I'm saying. Lately, my family has been recognizing some of the words I have been using. Some of my first official words were "mamma", "Dadda" and "Bubba" (meaning brother). Soon after those I started saying "bye bye" and "puppy" anytime I saw a dog or any animal (even ducks).

I also am fascinated with babies and call anyone my size or smaller "baby". I even fell in love with a book at the library with lots of baby pictures and the day we got it I hardly put it down. Someone else I have fallen in love with is Elmo. My brother still likes to watch Sesame Street once in a while and between that and the Tickle-me-elmo we own, I am smitten. O and 2 other words I have almost mastered are "juice" because I love it and "uh, oh" because I get into a lot of mischief.

Such helpers, we are.

Some family helped us get this new bookshelf for my birthday. We set it up in Houston's room for now so that I can have his book self.

This is mommy's cousin who just graduated from high school and received his mission call to the San Fernando, California mission. He leaves August 28.

Practicing my shark mouth at the dentist. Overall I was pretty good, and no cavities so far!

It is definitely garage sale season here in GJ and we have made it out a bit. One thing we have scored on is games and puzzels for my brother. He is REALLY into puzzels right now and it is cool to see his brain being challenged.
At CMU, they are expanding the training room daddy works at. For a division 2 school, this upgrade is pretty impressive.
And I can't forget to mention that Daddy got a new truck! He had been looking for a while and finally found the perfect one at a GREAT deal. He was also able to sell his 1982 Ford for more than he was expecting.

More Milestones During Memorial Day Weekend

My dad and brother wanted one more practice run before doing the real thing.
We did have the opportunity to go camping for the first time on the Thursday night before Memorial Day weekend. We were lucky we decided to stay close to home because we got off to a rough start forgetting our clothes bag. Once we got settled however, we had a great evening making dinner, walking around the lake and campsite, playing at the park, flying a cool toy daddy brought and making s'mores around the camp fire. Night time was a different story, at least for mom. I ended up just sleeping beside her with blankets and between my multiple wakings, active sleep patterns, our loud neighbors and train whistles mom did not get a lot of sleep even after taking a sleep aid. Because I was up so much, I was the last one awake in the morning. Luckily they saved me some chocolate chip pancakes. After cleaning up we headed back to town and attended a Summer Kick-Off Lone Ranger party thrown by my friend Gordie.

The next highlight of this weekend was the trip Dad and Houston took to the Circus! Daddy made this special video which includes our favorite song (and mom's least favorite song).

On Memorial Day, daddy went for a dirt bike ride with our home teacher. Our home teacher's wife and 5 kids invited us to go swimming. This was my first time and we had a blast though the pictures don't really depict that. My brother is pretty into bugs right now as you can see.
Afterwards we all went to their house for a BBQ and to play with all their toys. Four out of 5 of their kids are boys ranging from age 4-13 so Houston was in Heaven. The baby girl, who is just younger than me, and I basically just ate and tried to climb up everything.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Milestone May

I'm trying to be like Jesus:

I was assigned my first scripture in Primary and I was able to memorize the whole thing! Even during sharing time I waltzed right up to the podium and recited it like a champ. Mom and dad were so very proud of me!!

(2 Corinthians 13:1) "This is the third time I am coming to you. In the Mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established. This means that Heavenly Father teaches us through Prophets."

My big day continued with another great milestone.

Just a few days later I was already starting by myself.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another visitor

At the end of April, Grandma Cari came to visit us. As usual, we packed a lot of fun in. Because Grandma loves to out to eat, we always discover yummy new restaurants too!
She helped me make this cool rainbow circle with all my cars.

We spent a lot of time at the baseball stadium because the Mavericks were playing in town and we wanted to see Daddy in action.

On our last day with Grandma, we spent the morning first at Bananas Fun Park and then at Cold Stone eating yummy ice cream. Man, does our family like ice cream!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A is for April and Amazing

This is just a small example of the joy my brother exudes.

We had a pretty fun Easter in the Wilcock home. My brother and I woke up to find the Easter Bunny had hidden lots of eggs filled with candy and a few other toys too. Afterwards mommy made some yummy chocolate chip pancakes for brunch.

Pappa Schlenker recently invited mommy, Auntie Laurel and Auntie Crystal to do a sprint triathlon with him in August. Though mommy agreed to do it and is very excited, at the time she was nervous and very out of shape. Swimming scared her the most. Luckily she bought some better goggles to practice with (picture below). We are writing this in June and she has come a long way and feels as in-shape as she was before I was born! She is so happy to actually feel muscle in her arms and legs again.

Beautiful days at the park

Eating our feelings of missing daddy at Graff Dairy.