Saturday, May 31, 2014

Welcoming Summer

We are pretty into star wars right now. My Favorite is Darth Vader and Houston's is Yoda.

Momma loving her some morning snuggles

Just another day for me.

Cooper is such a sweet baby and we love his smiles and good nature

So proud of the first born growing up so fast!

We also got to attend his preschool graduation

In case anyone didn't know, Houston goes to "joy school" where each week the kids rotate between 5 houses and the moms take turns being the teacher. He LOVES it! He still has one more year of it before starting kindergarten.

The next day was bitter sweet because daddy had to go on a long trip but for a cool opportunity. Daddy is currently the athletic trainer for CMU's baseball team and they have the opportunity to go to DII nationals in North Carolina. It is a over a week long tournament and we were all sad that we had to be apart after such a long baseball season already. One of mommy's best friends and her daughter made mom this survival kit along with a stack of chick flicks to help her through.
Something else that was a HUGE help was Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper coming out a week early to visit and help us out. On memorial day we drove up to the Grand Mesa and had a nice day seeing the amazing scenery and exploring the sites. Mom did get us lost right before lunch so we stopped in a small town to eat our picnic and even found a park to play at.

It has been so hot out lately we decided to break out the pool. The first picture is how mom sent me out. The next is just minutes later (my undies are floating somewhere in the water).

I am sure enjoying all of the attention!

We even got to celebrate their 58th wedding anniversary at Olive Garden! We are so blessed to have them in our lives along with their example of a loving and everlasting marriage.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We put our visitors to work

To start things off, check out our craziness.

The only way to truly become a member of the Grand Junction community is to have a yard sale. We are now official and Houston helped draw a crowed by selling cookies!

Granddad's visit was so great, especially because he worked so hard in helping daddy install our new laminate floor. Good thing daddy has a nice bum.
Looks amazing and we love it!!

When Grandma and Papa Schlenker came, we had them help us finish some sections of the floor and put the baseboards on. We make out visitors earn their keep :). Just kidding... please come visit.
On Easter Sunday, we blessed our sweet little Cooper. He was an Angel! He fit into the blessing suit that Grandma Schlenker made for Uncle Matt 32 years ago. Many of the many boys on the Schlenker side have worn it also including Houston and Damon (though you may remember that Houston didn't technically wear it for his actually blessing seeing as he had a blow out poop minutes before church started).
Eater Egg hunt. This is long but feel free to check it out.

And Papa of course took us to the Dairy Queen

Mom and I finished another Lego creation!

Rest time with my buddies (Gordy and Alex) at preschool.

We have all had sickness as the winter has ended. Even poor little Cooper got it. You can hear it in his cry.
As you can imagine, 3 kids keep mom very busy and often stressed. She just relishes these quiet moments with Cooper.