Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer time is almost here!

Just like most cities, Springville has its own annual city celebration. It is called “Art City Days” and they have lots of fun activities for people to participate in. One activity mom and her neighbor friend were able to participate in was the Nestle 5k run on Saturday, June 4. Mom loves running in 5k races and this one was no exception. It was a challenge because the first half of it was up hill but having the second half be down hill made it worth it. Mom’s friend, Melissa and her didn’t get a great time but were still proud of themselves for waking up early and running the whole thing. As soon as mom was done running, she had to race home, shower and help dad and me get ready for a baptism. Mom tries to attend the baptisms in our ward for two reasons: 1. she loves supporting the young kids in primary that she is growing to love very much and 2. daddy usually speaks at them. Baptisms in our ward are a little different because the Bishop always likes to have the ward mission leader (which is dad’s current calling) attend and speak. That way, if any people that are not of our faith come, they can be introduced to him and he can tell them a bit about the church. He always gives great talks and the spirit was very strong at this baptism. Plus, I was a very good boy and over all it was a great morning.

Since mommy had fun in the morning, dad was able to go for a motor bike ride in the afternoon. He decided to try a new trail and loved it! Check out the awesome views:

We had a little scare the other day; Great Grandma Campbell who lives up in Medicine Hat, Alberta had a heart attack. She had had chest pains all day and, thinking it was heart burn, just took medicine and went about her day. Early the next morning the attack came and she was flown to Calgary’s hospital to be treated. By the end of the morning they were able to stabilize her but she still stayed in the intensive care unit for a couple of days. She is back home now and is doing much better. She has a follow up stress test in a couple of weeks to determine her healing progress. With multiple women on the Campbell/Filgus side of the family having heart problems, Grandma Schlenker and even mommy need to be extra aware and cautious about their heart health as they get older.

Mom and dad decided they needed a romantic weekend to themselves so last weekend I stayed at Smith’s in Draper and mom and dad went to Park City. You may remember that dad got mom a hot air balloon ride for Christmas so this trip allowed them to redeem that. That was definitely the high light! Mom took a lot of pictures so check out the slide show for the majority of them.
Here is a snippet from mom about the experience:
Unless you are afraid of heights, our hot air balloon ride was not scary at all. It was however very thrilling at the beginning then peaceful and serene as the trip continued.

We were in the largest balloon the company had which fit 12 people plus the pilot. Mickey was in a compartment with what looked like two newly weds, and I was in a compartment with an older couple. By the end of the ride, it was pretty hot from the flame heating the balloon and the older man beside me actually fainted on the way down. He was fine but didn’t really remember much of the landing. The company included a couple of traditional ceremonies with the ride. One was right after when they broke out the Champaign and orange juice. They do this because when the men who discovered hot air ballooning started in France, people were afraid of them if they landed on their land so they brought Champaign to prove they meant well. Mickey was able to catch the popped cork and got a little reward (the cork was made to look like a hot air balloon).

After the ride back to the hotel, they had one more ceremony so we could receive our “First Flight Certificates”. Afterwards, Mickey and I got breakfast and did a little "garage saleing". After that it was nap time before a relaxing evening.

I was a very good boy at Smiths and slept better there than I do at home. Cousin T (Tiana) took care of me the most and I had a great time with her and her boyfriend, Forest. When mom and dad came to get me Sunday morning, I was so overjoyed to see them I didn’t want to nap when we got home.

Lately I have been struggling to sleep through the night. I’ll have a great night and then maybe 1 or 2 nights in a row I will wake up and not get back to sleep for 1-2 hours! Mom and dad do not like this very much. After a while they thought they would let me cry it out like they have in the past but after I worked myself up enough to fall right out of my crib, they won’t do that any more.

This season we got season passes to Seven Peaks Water Park. It is so huge and there is so much to do. We try to go whenever we know it will be really hot (which hasn’t been very much lately). We prefer the morning because it is less busy. A few days ago we all went in the afternoon after dad’s work and it was packed! I love the water but I am still pretty cautious. I prefer holding someone’s hand when walking through the water and my favorite part is splashing with my hands.

Since we have been spending more time outside, I have been making more friends. One of our neighbors has 3 little boys: Sean (5), Brad (2) and Jackson (6 months). Whenever I see them, I run to them and we share pre-play hugs and then we kick balls, pop bubbles, run around and ride bikes. Mom thinks this is so precious! Their mom, Melissa and my mom have become quite good friends. Melissa was the one who ran the race with mom.

Here is a video of my latest dance move. The arm movements may stem from when mom conducts with my hands at church and when we watch Music and Spoken Word Sunday mornings. I am not sure, but it is darn cute.

I LOVE books! I always want mom and dad to read to me during the day and I get very excited for story time before bed. I often sit quietly in my room and read to myself on the floor or in the rocking chair. Mom and dad just love that I am a little book worm and hope it will help in my education!! Mom says I remind her of cousin Kathryn who also loves to read picture books a lot. This video is long, but it is super cute and at the end I show off my favorite books.