Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Memories in Utah

Though we no longer live in Utah (I’ll share that whole story later) I will share a few more memories from our time there. If you have come to visit, you may know that I love going to the Springville Public Library. One morning they held a “Teddy Bear Picnic”. We read stories, sang songs, had snacks and even got to look and act like sheep.

The day of the picnic we happened to be babysitting our neighbor, Brinley.

As it got hotter and hotter, we visited the pool in our condo complex more and more. I’m still pretty cautious when it comes to water and swimming but mom is counting her blessings now that she has two little ones to keep track of.

One day daddy had a great idea and took me to Cabella’s, a huge sports store. I was amazed with all the stuffed animals there including all the huge fish in the humongous fish tank (humongous is one of my favorite adjectives right now).

I am growing up so much and now sleep through the night without a diaper. Mom and Dad weren’t planning on taking the diaper away until after the summer but after a couple of nights of me waking up to go potty in the middle of the night, they thought they would give it a try. I have had a couple of accidents (usually when I’m sick) but for the most part I have been sleeping dry. Mom and dad are so proud of me and learned to trust me a bit more.

Mom tried to take me to the Springville City Parade but after being pushed around a bit too much trying to get candy thrown out to the kids, I wanted to go home. Mom was able to beat a big kid to some smarties so I didn’t go home empty handed.

One of my last times playing with the my buddy, Rusty.

One of my favorite last memories of our time in Utah was going to see Thomas the Train in Heber. They have this train called the Heber Creeper and they put Thomas in command once a year for people to come see. I even got to ride the train and it was very exciting. They also had a hay maze, balloon animals, bubbles, toy trains to play with and tattoos of Thomas and his friends. Damon was a trooper and pretty much slept the whole time in the sling.


My brother, Houston loves to come greet me when I wake up from naps. Usually I’m a bit more smiley than this but it is still pretty cute.

In general I am a very smiley baby and quite easy to please. I don’t do much crying which is great but I don’t do much sleeping either which isn’t so great. I have very short naps during the day and wake up quite a bit at night. So far I think I’m a better sleeper than Houston but not too much better. Mom only hopes it doesn’t take me 2 years to sleep through the night like it did my brother.