Monday, December 28, 2009

What a week! We are all very tired. Daddy went to his last classes as an undergrad and started his finals. They all went pretty well and Daddy was glad when he was finished. While daddy was studying and taking finals, mom and I tried to pack, sell things we were not storing or taking and organize a Christmas Program for the ward. By Thursday and Friday mom, dad and I were working non stop to pack, store, clean and organize so we could head to California. They really tried hard to get rid of stuff because I add so much to the collection. They were able to get rid of 7 garbage bags of clothes! On Friday I was a perfect little angel which worked out very good because mom and dad wanted to leave on Saturday. We ended up packing and cleaning pretty late into the night so we decided to sleep in at Auntie Richelle and Uncle Deejay’s and leave in the afternoon. It was Richelle and Deejay’s 25th wedding anniversary that day so we got to see the cute things Deejay planned for Richelle were treated to the newly built “In and Out” before we left. On Saturday we drove all the way to Reno, Nevada in a very tightly packed car. There was not an inch that did not have something stuffed in it. I was fine, but mom was pretty uncomfortable for the entire trip. Mom didn’t realize how trashy of a town Reno (no offense to anyone from there). She also felt a little funny carrying me through a casino to get to the hotel room but it was the cheapest room we could find. On Sunday we drove to Sacramento, California and spent a couple of hours at Auntie Andi, Uncle Adam and Cousin Marin’s house before finally making it to Alameda. This was the first time mom and dad travelled a long distance with me and I actually did pretty good. There was only one time I had a huge spanz attack. Mom had rushed to put me in my car seat and I was very uncomfortable. When mom fixed me we were all relieved; so much so that I smiled at mommy 3 times!! This made mom’s day and she was so happy the rest of the night!! I have smiled a couple of times since and hopefully will do it more and more as time goes on. I continue to grow and fit into most 3 month old clothes. My neck and legs are getting stronger and I talk more and more everyday. Life is good now that we are living for free at Grandma and Grandpa Wilcock’s house and my first Christmas is almost here. We hope every one has a wonderful Christmas and can spend as much time with family as possible.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What a weekend! My 2 month birthday was on Wednesday and I feel much older. On Friday I had my 2 month appointment with the doctor and he agreed that I am growing healthy! I now weigh 11 pounds, 8 ounces and am 22 inches long. After the appointment, mom and dad took me to get my 2 month immunizations. This was not fun at all. I got 5 immunizations but luckily I only needed 3 pokes and some drops to swallow. I cried pretty loud while getting poked with the needles but not for very long. I was tired so mom put me right to sleep before the ride home. Later that night my legs swelled up a little where I was poked and I cried when either mommy or daddy accidentally touched those spots. TO help with that and a potential fever, they gave me some more of the grape flavored Tylenol… yum! Also that night we went to a small banquet so that daddy could be honored for being a senior. Mom said the food was good and there was a slide show that showed lots of funny pictures of daddy. As a gift dad received a pair of really nice athletic training scissors and a frame to put his certification certificate in. I was pretty good during the banquet and only cried once, but who could blame me.
On Friday I was feeling much better which was good because Auntie Andi and Uncle Adam were coming to town. They arrived while I was wide awake so they could see how cute I am. The whole weekend was very nice hanging out them. I was held a lot and the adults ate good food (trying to clear out mommy and daddy’s cupboards), watched movies and played games. I was sad to see them go but will fortunately see them again in just over a week. This coming week daddy has 4 finals while mom’s job is to pack up the place. We are planning to drive to California this next weekend sometime (it depends on how much I let mommy pack while dad is busy). So far I am not letting her get very much done because my naps are short and I love to be held while I am awake. Mom might have to whip out the sling and hold me in that so she can have both hands free (turns out I don’t like the sling either; I’ll have to remind her when she tries to put me in it).
Some more good news is that I began to smile! Well sort of. When Mom or dad kisses my neck or blows on my belly I open my mouth really wide. I know it is not really a smile but it is my first attempts at one. Mom is very happy and can’t wait for me to really smile and start laughing.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The best news of the week is that Daddy took the GRE and did great on it! I’m so proud of him and glad we can settle somewhere for 2 years next fall while he is in grad school. Daddy’s first choice is BYU if he gets in but he will apply to some other places as back ups. The next best news is that I saw snow for the first time today. Mommy was pretty excited because it was so beautiful and I stared out the window at the snow for like 3 minutes.
The worst part about this week was that daddy got pretty sick and mommy won't let him hold me. I already have a hard time sleeping and being sick would make it worse so I understand. I just hope he gets better soon so we can play again.
Mommy and me also want dad to get better because Auntie Andi and Uncle Adam are coming to visit next weekend. I am so excited!
Since I am almost 2 months old, Mom really wants me to start sleeping better especially during the night. So far everyone has told mom that she needs to just let me cry until I sooth myself and fall asleep, but mom is really trying to avoid that (and I’m not too fond of that either). If you have any suggestions for us, please please let us know. About 50% of the time I can put myself asleep when mom puts me in my crib when I’m really sleepy, but I like to wake up 20 minutes later. I have a doctor’s appointment next week so maybe he will have some suggestions.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What a weekend! It started when Grandma and Grandpa Wilcock flew in to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Instead of cooking a big meal, we went to Magleby’s Grill and everyone (but me) had a delectable and very filling meal (I enjoyed it later). Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper drove in that morning to also celebrate with us. The next day I was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa Schlenker. They drove all the way from Canada! They brought Great Grandma and Grandpa Campbell but I was able to meet them until Friday. On Friday practically the whole family hung out all day. We all went out for lunch to Burger Supreme and then Mommy and Daddy took Grandma and Grandpa Schlenker and Great Grandpa Cooper to hike the Y on the mountain. The other 3 grandmas babysat me. That night all the old guys went to a Grizzly’s Hockey game in Salt Lake while I hung out with the ladies, ate at Zupas and watched Twighlight (mommy wanted to watch it again before watching New Moon). On Saturday, Daddy and Grandma Wilcock went to the big BYU vs Utah football game. I watched it on TV with Mom and Grandpa Wilcock. It was intense but BYU came out on top. Needless to say daddy came home very happy which was good because he was going to bless me the following day.
Sunday was such a special day. I ate so good in the morning so mommy knew I would be a good boy for all of sacrament meeting. Mommy may have even fed me a little too well; about 10 minutes before the church meeting began I had quite the explosion in my pants. When Grandma Wilcock went to change me she discovered I pooed right through my whole outfit!! Mommy and Grandma Schlenker came running when they heard the news. Mommy was a little sad because the outfit I was supposed to wear had been worn by Uncle Matt and Mark as well as Cousins Ashton, Nick and Wyatt so it was sort of a tradition. But in the end, Mommy couldn’t really help but laugh because there always has to be a story. I ended up being blessed in my slightly soiled onesie and a white blanket. I stayed awake for the whole blessing but didn’t make a sound. I was too busy listening to Daddy’s special prayer for me. I knew it was coming directly from my Heavenly Father. I want to thank all of the men that participated in the blessing circle and the rest of the family for traveling to come support me, mommy and daddy. After the blessing the family gathered at Smiths in Draper for a nice meal prepared by Grandma Schlenker and Great Grandma Campbell. BTW in case you are wondering, we were able to get the stain out with nothing but the best Proctor and Gamble products compliments of Richelle and Deejay.
Now that everyone has left Mom is trying to get me back to putting myself to sleep in my crib. I was so spoiled when family was here and was held during every nap I took during the day. I am almost 2 months old so I should be sleeping more in night but it may take a while to get back into the swing of things. I haven’t quite given anyone a real smile, but I am getting close. Mom thinks it will come any day now and she is very excited!