Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had an amazing American Thanksgiving. It started out this way:

Grandma Cari and Granddad had been planning to come out for a while, but about a week ago, Uncle Tim, Auntie Lora, Ryan and Kathryn, decided to rent a RV and drive east from California to Colorado to visit us. We felt so special and it meant a lot for them to use up their precious vacation time to come visit US! We had such a great time with everyone. For our big Thanksgiving meal, we drove to a Palisade Vineyard where they provide an amazing buffet at a fancy Hotel (Wine Country Inn).

As Tradition goes, we also had to hit up Banana's Fun Park

As soon as mommy mentioned that you could hike to the top of Mt Garfield, Lora had to do it. Mom and her ventured out one morning and had an amazing time even though mommy's noodle legs almost gave out on the way down.

We also drove through the National Monument which was beautiful as usual.

Dinosaur Museum

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Cooper is 9 months old

Mom: I wanted to catch up on the blog before Thanksgiving was having a hard time. A dear friend of mine was going through a very difficult time as her 3 year old daughter endured 2 brain surgeries and had a very long stay far from home in New York.
This blog is mainly a journal of the boys' lives. In no way is it a faucet for boasting about our lives and showing off. We go through hard things too but this blog is meant to mainly help us remember special events and life developments. We love our boys and are proud of them. We want to them to be very aware of this as they grow. My mom journaled my childhood and I felt loved because of that. Even with this said, it is still hard to write about my typical, well-to-do boys when others have children who must suffer like sweet little June. I am honored to know of such strength. Quite frankly it makes me feel like a spoiled little brat. But I strive for those feelings to melt into feelings of gratitude. Gratitude for our our family's health, our extended family's wellness, Mickey's job, our home, our friends, our knowledge and testimonies of a loving, aware Heavenly Father and a succoring brother, Jesus Christ. We are truly blessed.

I have so much admiration for those who have to endure difficult trials like my friend. It is a difficult concept to grasp in the middle of a trial or test, but I do believe our trials are perfectly tailored to us and our personalities. God knows us and knows what will teach us most effectively. God prepares us to deal with certain situations and if we can find a way even when it seems impossible to come out on top, we will be blessed beyond measure.

I had to get that out before giving an update on our precious little Cooper who is now 9 months old. He brings our family so much joy. It is hard to think back and remember that he was a surprise because he is so meant to be in this family. Sometimes when things feel like they are falling apart, he is the glue that binds us.
Here are his numbers:
Height: 2ft 4in (36th percentile - our shortest yet)
Weight: 16 pounds 13 oz (up from 7th to 8th percentile)
Head: 17.5 in (34th percentile - way smaller than his brother's huge heads)

He has two little bottom teeth and more on the way. That little bump above his right eye brow remains but there is no concern with it. It is just a little trade mark to go along with his winning grin. His rolling still continues a bit but he has recently figured out how to scoot and that is how he gets around. I am scared... it has started. The sooner he is mobile, the sooner things get a little harder. He is quite the explorer we enjoy watching him make it from one end of the house to another keeping everything in check. He loves to pick up things and bang them together to make noise. He continues to be a copy cat and lately learned to bob his head to music (that is how he tells you he wants more "Poor Old Horse").

So far he is a great eater and his favorite thing to eat is that nasty jared meat that mom can hardly smell without puking.
After a little sleep training, he is sleeping at night like a champ, HALLELUJAH! We are still working on Damon is that area.

We had an awesome visit from Grandma Schlenker before Thanksgiving. I hate when I don't take pictures but we did lots of fun things. She brought lots of crafts for the boys to work on, read them tons of books, took them to the library, went on fun walks, and even played baseball with them outside one day for over an hour! One night went to the down town tree lighting and Santa made an appearance! After being an avid Pinterest pinner, she was very excited to shop at Hobby Lobby. I think she went 4 different times.

First snow of the year