Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Recital

Couldn't be more proud!

This is a gentlemen from our old ward that sort of takes on the Grandpa role for many, including us. Cooper snuggled up like this for a good part of the recital.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween, Plus Some

Houston chose to buy a scooter with his birthday money.

Riverside Park with friends

First birthday lego creation complete!

During one particular timeout, Damon found this onesie of Coopers and put it on...It is good to know that Cooper and Damon can share clothes if need be.

Morning snuggles with Daddy

Houston's Preschool group and their families at Moon Farm Pumpkin Patch

Damon LOVED the little bunnies. He could have spent all day there holding them (and dropping them- luckily they seem to always land on their feet like cats).

Getting ready for Halloween!

Halloween!! Unfortunately daddy was out of town but mom braved taking all 3 kids to the college dorms to go trick or treating. The college kids do a great job of dressing up, decorating, making the kids feel special and giving them lots of candy! Super Cooper was a trooper. Mom is dressed as Yoda's mother ;)

Uncle Derek sent this light saber for a late birthday gift and it arrived just in time!

Our sweet little Cooper is getting so curious and very anxious to start moving! He especially loves taking all of these blocks out and banging them together.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Houston is 5?!?

Getting donuts for a birthday breakfast.

That night we were planning to go out but between the bad weather and Cooper having a rough day we decided to save it for another time. Instead we had fun eating Houston's favorite meal, Spaghetti and watch BYU football.
The next day, we had Houston's Lego Party. The kids all built their own creations and Houston picked his favorite.

Dear Houston,

You amazing me every year with how much you change. Being my first born, every new thing to you is new to me as well. We have learned a lot together along the road. You have taught me so much about motherhood and will continue to do so as you get older.
I couldn’t ask for a better first-born child. You help me everyday more than you know. Little things like getting me a tissue to wipe your brother’s nose, to giving me hugs when I’m sad.
One thing you love right now is Lego. I am simply amazed with your abilities to solve problems and figure things out. You work hard and don’t like to give up on your goals and projects. You get so excited when it is time to make holiday gifts for your friends. You have creative ideas and are excellent at following directions.
Your imagination grows with each new day. You are confident with ideas that you have and try to include everyone in your play. Those are qualities that will make you a great leader.
You are strong in both body and spirit. I love watching you ride fast on your bike and run across a field. I hope being active continues to bring you joy.
I can tell that you love to make people happy. You give out very sincere compliments and I have even heard Damon start from your example.
Another thing I love about you is that you are already very aware of the difference between right and wrong. And you love to do what’s right. While at a friend’s house one time, they started watching a movie that mommy would have considered an “adult movie”. When I came to get you, you were playing in your friend’s room by yourself. Later you were upset about this and told me the whole story. I was so proud of you and for doing what you knew to be right.
Next year you start kindergarten and I can’t wait to see the leaps and bounds you will take with that new adventure. I love you so much and thank you for teaching me how to me a mother. I love you more than you will ever know.

To celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving we went bowling! This was Damon's first time and he loved it. These videos perfectly show their different personalities.