Saturday, April 30, 2016

Big Announcement

Only for Star wars...

Houston/Daddy day

After a long weekend of baseball games, daddy loves coming home to this!

This is a year of change for the Wilcock family. Daddy has accepted a position as Papa's real estate assistant on the "Schlenker Selling team" and we are moving to Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada! This decision has been over a year in the making. There is so much that goes into moving to a different country and we weren't positive on our timeline for a while. Because of this we have kept it on the down-low until now.
This idea all started during mommy's trip to Canada last March (2015). Papa approached her and asked if she thought daddy would ever consider working with him as a real-estate agent. Mommy was very honest and replied that she knew how much daddy loved his athletic training job and she would have a hard time approaching him about it without feeling like she was pressuring him to make a big sacrifice. Papa still planned to eventually approach Daddy about it but mommy didn't want to be in the middle and things were left alone.
Later in the summer at the Cooper family reunion in CA, while mom and dad had a few moments alone together, DADDY actually asked mommy if she thought Papa would ever consider taking on him as an assistant. As you can imagine, mommy almost fell over! She couldn't believe the stars had aligned and an honest desire for a career change was coming from daddy just months after Papa had inquired. After more discussion together with Papa and Grandma Schlenker, Granddad and Grandma Cari, a temple visit and a lot of prayer, the decision was made to move forward and start the immigration process. As of February, mommy has been approved as daddy's sponsor and we are waiting on Daddy's permanent residency approval. Us boys are already recognized as duel citizens in Canada so we are good to go.
Daddy also gave notice at his AT job at the university. He is planning to work through baseball season and until the end of June. The house is on the market and we hope it gets sold fast. Things get more and more real everyday.
There is no denying that this is a dream come true for mom. Growing up close to family was such a blessing in her and daddy's lives and she feels like exploding from gratitude whenever she thinks about it. However that doesn't change the fact that Grand Junction will be easy to leave. Even though there were hard times, we really tried to bloom where we were planted and we invested a lot to be happy here. Mommy's piano students and all of our friends will be sorely missed!

The week prior to getting the house listed was a stressful one, but we got a lot done.

Everything we do now in GJ takes on new meaning. There will be lots of "lasts".
Last birthday with Landry

Last movie night at Pear Park Elementary

Last firework night with the Mavs

Last Piano recital with these amazing students!

(Third time's a charm)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Big Trip

Like last year, mommy and us boys planned a big trip to Canada during spring break and while daddy was traveling with the baseball team. Last year it helped baseball season go by much smoother and we are hoping the same for this year! Our trip consisted of 2 flights and things turned out pretty horrendous. First we had a delay in GJ for wind, then for air traffic. The second delay was in the plane, in taxi mode and we were expected to stay buckled for a 1/2 hour... not likely for a 2 year old. Then we got to Denver our connection was scheduled to take off 20 minutes after our landing so we literally ran almost a 1/2 mile with all our stuff and a crying 4 year old just to get on the plane and sit there for another 45 minutes, again in taxiing mode! We eventually arrived, made it through customs and got to Mark and Laurels at midnight.

While in Calgary we enjoyed swimming, visiting mommy's cousin's horse ranch, delicious homemade food, beating on Uncle Derek and tons of playing with cousins!
Uncle Mark's homemade moose burger stuffed with peppers and cheese!

Ball glove...
swimming injury

Houston stole the covers and decided the floor was better to sleep on

Then it was off to Medicine Hat. Mommy is horrible at taking pictures when she is with her friends, but she got to see one BFF in Calgary and 3 others in Medicine hat. We also got to spend lots of time with Great Grandma and Grandpa Campbell. There house is so welcoming with toys mommy used to play with, yummy food and good entertainment.

Houston stayed up with mom to watch a BYU basketball game

Eating supper, Cooper style.

Mommy's Cousin, Landon and his wife just had their first baby and we got to meet the cutie! We each held him for a total of 27 seconds.

For Easter weekend, Uncle Derek, Uncle Mark, Auntie Laurel and the boys came back to Medicine hat.

Police point fun

Sleeping in the fort

Over Easter Mommy got a bad cold and completely lost her voice. Over the next half of the trip mommy went through an entire bottle of this nasty stuff.

Houston got to go dirt biking before saying good bye.

Damon also got very sick before we went home. We figure it must have been the flu. for about 3 days he slept more than he was awake during the day. This made our trip home starting at 3:30am very difficult. He was miserable during the whole trip not wanting to eat or drink anything I gave him and just wanting to sleep when he couldn't. Houston was such a big help and Cooper was as good as a 2 year old could be. But we eventually made it and mommy burst into tears when she saw daddy waiting at the airport.
The first thing we wanted to do when we got home was play Legos!

Daddy stayed busy while we were away with a trip to New Mexico with the baseball team and some other fun stuff.