Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Snow of the Year

This morning was day light savings and since I woke up at the time I felt was normal, we had an extra hour to kill before church. After mom showed me the new snow on the ground, I asked her to go outside but not really knowing what to expect. We had lots of fun however and I found the snow quite fascinating. Mom is glad because she plans to do a lot of playing in the snow this winter!

Non-Stop October FUN

One of the pumpkins dad and I carved.

BYU finally had a day game and mom decided to take me even though it was right during my nap. I was a good boy during the game even though I was very very tired; after we got home though, I was a mess. By 5pm mom finally was able to calm me down enough to have a nap. The rest of the games are in the night so mom probably won’t take me to another one.

Last weekend was positively amazing!! We did so much fun stuff and what made it even better was that Grandma and Papa Schlenker were around to enjoy it with us. They came last Thursday night after driving all day from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Daddy was still in TX with the football team but arrived at about 3:30am Saturday morning. It didn’t take long for me to become best buds with both grandma and papa. They are so fun and loving and we all just ate it up. Friday, we did some shopping then met some other Canadian friends for supper at the Pizza Pie CafĂ© (Grandma and Papa can’t come here without indulging at least once). I was having some bowel movement issues and ended up pooping my pants once on the drive over and then again at the restaurant. Luckily mommy had one change of clothes with her but by the time everyone was finishing up, I was running around commando style in soaked pants and mommy’s clothes were covered in poop. We later discovered that the grape juice mommy had been giving me for the last couple of days was the cause of very runny diarrhea that was impossible for me to hold in. As soon as we got home she dumped it out and I have been good ever since…phew!
After I went to bed, mom and grandma got busy doing final preparations for my overdue birthday party which was the next morning. With Grandma and Papa’s very generous help, it was a huge success and I had tons of fun. Since it was the weekend before Halloween, my friends dressed up in their costumes and everyone looked so cute! Between the visiting, Houston slideshow, crafts, game room and all the food, everyone was able to stay busy and have lots of fun.
(This is the slideshow daddy made for my party… just to warn you it is 12 minutes long, so I understand if you don’t want to watch the whole thing)

Each family was able to go home with treat bags for the kids made by grandma and pumpkin favors made by mommy.

Papa and Uncle DeeJay guarding the great abundance of food.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with me and giving me so many awesome gifts!

The next day, after church, we drove up to Draper to spend some time with Smiths. As usual, I played with Larissa and Daria most of the time and Richelle and DeeJay made an amazing meal for us all to enjoy.

The next day was Halloween and I think my new favorite thing is Trick or Treating. I was so cute running around in my Dinosaur costume while mommy and daddy trailed me in their “cave people” costumes. Neither of them wanted to miss a moment of this momentous occasion. I was also very polite when I said “trick or treat” and always said “thank you” after wards. The thing I most struggled with was accepting the amount of candy given at each door; I always reached in for more. At one house, I got a little carried away with knocking on the door and actually fell inside the person’s house when they opened the door. Look at all the candy I got; I can’t wait for next year!

Ever since mom and dad taught me about prayer, I have become very vigilant and always remind mom and dad to pray before every meal and before bedtime. I even started prayers before nap time! Mom and dad definitely appreciate this and love when prayer fills our home. We need all the prayers we can get right now as we hope mom’s pregnancy continues to go well and that dad will be able to find a good job after he graduates. The other day, dad taught me how to "say" the prayer and I am quite good. I just repeat everything dad tells me and it is the sweetest thing to behold.