Saturday, February 15, 2014

Waiting Game

While we are patiently waiting for my little brother to arrive, we are having a fun time enjoying the winter Olympics. Mom and Dad got us pretty pumped up for them. This was on mom's birthday when we ate pizza and watched the opening ceremonies.
My parents can hardly get me to have a snack or take a bath because I don't want to miss any action. I often end the night like this because I am so dedicated. I think my favorites sports to watch so far are snowboarding and speed skating but I'm sure I will get pretty into the hockey too.

I have been showing quite a bit of interest in learning the piano so mom and I have been starting some "lessons". She is teaching me all sorts of fun songs and this was a recital I put on for Family Home Evening last Monday.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More Snow


Mommy is now officially full term (37 weeks along) which means our baby brother could arrive anytime! Houston arrived when mommy was 37 weeks and I came when mom was 38 weeks so we really have no idea when this little guy will make his appearance. Though mommy, being spoiled with us, would prefer he comes sooner than later. His official due date is still February 25.

Well if it is going to be cold, there should at least be snow!
The morning it snowed, Houston and I went out to help daddy shovel the drive way. Dad challenged Houston to work on the single car side of the driveway while daddy worked on the double car side. Little did dad know that Houston would completely shovel ALL of the snow from the single car side by himself!! That is pretty impressive work from a 4 year old. We made sure to let Papa know (he loves that kind of work) and he was extremely proud. As a reward, daddy bought Houston his very own shovel so that he can help every time it snows :)
I was also a big help with my dust pan. I made sure to tell daddy each time I filled it with snow and then would dump it somewhere 2 feet away.

The last time it snowed we never got to make snowmen and we were all pretty bummed about that. This time nothing was going to stop us.

Grandma Cari sent us a package in the mail and these cool shirts were included. But I think we got them mixed up.

Like most brothers, Houston and I have our differences and can get into fights but for the most part we like each other a whole lot.

I know the this video is poor quality but mom had to document this. To burn energy we like to put dance music on and just go crazy with our sweet dance moves. Houston prefers the lights off so it feels like a "real party" and so he feels like a "real dancer".