Monday, October 13, 2014

Busy October

WE LOVE VISITORS!!! Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper stopped by for a week during one of their RV trips. One day we all took Grandpa for a bike ride down the river trail. On one of our stops there were ducks that Damon was deathly afraid of. He would not let Grandpa put him down.

Even though daddy was out of town, we had a relaxing conference weekend. Unfortunately mommy was a little sick. On one occasion, mommy was trying to catch some much needed sleep on the couch and Damon was in the kitchen playing in the sink. Normally mom would put a stop to this because he ends up making a huge mess or braking something but she was desperate so she let him play for a few minutes. When she finally got energy to get up, this is what she found. Apparently he was washing his clothes in the sink.

Every month or so our public library has a party and this time time it was a Star Wars party!! Since Houston is being Yoda for Halloween (costume made by Grandma Schlenker) it worked out great to even come in costume. After finding a cheap mask and whipping together a cape, Damon was able to dress up too!

This was a busy day! After the Star Wars party we ate a picnic lunch at the park before heading to another CMU football game. Damon was quite tired by this time and apparently mesmerized by the marching band.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Did September actually happen?

We found this little gem about 2 miles from our house!

Damon, like with many things, gives love and attention to Cooper for brief moments during the day but lately he has been trying to really connect with him and it is precious!

Cooper is almost 8 months old!

Apparently Cooper wanted some stale hamburger buns

First Football game (with buddy, Carson). Yes, Damon is wearing a cape.
Building Lego at the Library

Getting ready to turn 5!!

Daddy trying to take Cooper on a trip.

Canning delicious pears! I guess mommy didn't hate canning as much as she thought. It helps that she actually knows what she is doing now.

Daddy used his birthday gift money to buy this beauty. When it isn't poring rain, he is able to ride to work multiple days a week.

Look familiar? (Houston)