Tuesday, August 23, 2011

moving on

Mommy and me went to visit daddy at a football scrimmage and we got pretty decked out in BYU gear.

While we are waiting for pictures from the summer, I figure we could move onto other updates that have happened here in August. First big announcement is that mommy is expecting baby #2!!! She is due March 7 so is almost 12 weeks along. Even though the baby is due in March, we are all going to be prepared in February incase this baby comes early like I did. So far the doctor says the baby is healthy and growing well. We haven’t been able to hear the heart beat because, like with me, mommy’s uterus is retro-flexed (sitting more inside of her than a typical women). Hopefully by this next doctor’s visit in September mommy will have grown out of it because of the expansion and we can hear the heart beat. I can’t wait. Mom and dad are still trying to help me understand what is going on. Most of the time I think the baby is in my belly. I’ll probably understand more when mommy gets a nice gut on her.

August has been a crazy month and a little hard on all of us. BYU football team’s fall camp started so daddy is working very long hours. I never see him in the morning because he usually gone by 5:30am and rarely see him at night because he gets home after I go to bed. It has been extra hard on mommy this month because she has been dealing with a lot of nausea from the pregnancy. Whenever we do spend time with dada we make it special but I’m excited for fall camp to wrap up in a couple of weeks.

A while ago mommy got me a trike from a garage sale. It was never the best but it allowed me to get around outside. Now that I am definitely grown out of it, daddy convinced Grandma and Granddad Wilcock and Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper to get me an early birthday present. They got me what is called a Strider. It is basically a little two-wheel bike with no pedals made for toddlers. It will hopefully teach me how to balance on a bike without training wheels. I have had it for a couple of days and LOVE IT!! Every chance I get, I out riding around on it. I am already the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Daddy’s birthday was on August 21 and he turned 29!! Mommy and daddy are going to wait to really celebrate until fall camp is over, but for now, we did the best we could. Luckily his birthday was on Sunday so we let him sleep in. Then we woke him up with his birthday gift mommy made for him. Daddy was so impressed that mommy had kept the gift a secret and he really loved it. She made him a quilt of all his old track and field t-shirts from high school. He has kept them all this time because of all his memories and now he can snuggle with them. Mommy isn’t quite finished but she got the hardest part done and we can show the final product when she is complete. After church, mommy made him a yummy Italian meal and key lime pie for dessert. What he really wanted was a relaxing day and I think he got that.

Over the summer my vocabulary has exploded. I am a great copy cat and it really helps me communicate. I am learning names of friends and family and they love hear me say them. My dancing has greatly improved and I can even jump now. Also, I am sleeping in a big boy bed now. Mommy wasn’t sure if I was really ready but since I was getting good at climbing out of my crib she didn’t really have a choice.

Daddy putting me to sleep the best way he knows how after a long day.
I am growing up so fast that next month, mommy and I are going to work on potty training! Keep us in your prayers 