Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baby #2 Ultrasound Results

We are happy to report that the results of our ultrasound are very good. The baby is developing healthily and mommy’s due date has stayed the same (March 7). We are also extremely happy to announce that the ultrasound revealed that we will have a baby BOY!!!!! We are over overjoyed with all the good news and are so excited for our new addition.

Mommy can really feel the baby (boy) move now and loves how active he is!

So I realized bit ago that I forget to tell you all the story of how mom told dad about the new baby. So after mommy had taken a few positive pregnancy tests, she kept all her excitement in until daddy got home so she could do a special surprise. In passing she mentioned having her pre-made lasagna in the oven ready to cook for dinner. After a few minutes, she yelled from the other room and asked daddy to take it out. Much to his surprised he found a stale hot dog bun on the racks of the oven. Very confused, he called to mommy, “what’s in the oven?”
Mommy replied, “I don’t know, what is in the oven?”
Dad: “a bun.”
Mom: “So there is a what in the oven?”
Dad: “a bun.”
Mom: “so there is a what in the what?”
Dad: “a BUN IN THE OVEN!?!”
(Much hugging and laughter)


I AM TWO!! Isn’t that awesome?? The actual weekend of my birthday (Oct 9) , Grandma Cari came to visit. We had so much fun and she spoiled us rotten. For my birthday, she bought me some little Tonka trucks and a cool “slide” for them to go down.

One of the highlights was going to the pumpkin patch to pick out some Halloween pumpkins. There we also enjoyed playing in the corn pit, petting the animals, climbing on the old fashioned tractor and finding our way through the hay maze.

Grandma and mom also got to go to a BYU football game. Since it started when I usually go to bed, I went and spent sometime with some friends and fell asleep there. If you were watching closely, we heard that mommy and her Canadian gloves made it on TV!

Last weekend was super busy but I think it was a good thing because mom was getting awfully anxious for the ultra sound. Daddy was out of town in Oregon with the football team so it was just mommy and me. Over the two days, mommy babysat 5 different children (from 4 families). Amongst all the, what seemed like constant babysitting, on Friday mommy was able to make 2 pies, and a huge crock pot of soup. This was in preparation for a ward party we went to on Saturday. Mom had the crazy idea of taking 2 kids she was watching along with me to this ward party by herself; probably not the smartest idea. There was a lot of people there and between carrying around a very mobile 18 month old boy, dealing with some of my temper tantrums and trying to hold a constant conversation with a very bright 4 year old girl, needless to say there were a couple of stressful moments. Mom was relieved when we finally made it to there friends house to put all of us to bed. However that was a struggle in its self; finally by about 9:45 there was silence and mommy could relax. Even though this sounds a bit crazy, mommy LOVES babysitting and overall had some great learning experiences (and maybe a taste of the future). Plus, any of these families mommy helped out are always completely willing to watch me at any time which mommy is VERY grateful for. We are lucky to have so many nice, trustworthy friends around!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Big Boy

Mom: “Our routine ultrasound is scheduled for October 19 and we are very excited to see our little baby! We anticipate a report that there is healthy development and we also hope to have the gender be revealed. Feel free to vote for which gender you think it is.”

This video is from back in August; our family enjoying a warm summer rain. Mom and dad love that I love the rain.

I have improved so much on my bike and here is a little clip of me riding with my favorite partner.

Check out my huge muscles.

Well mommy got really brave and decided it was time I was potty trained. One huge motivator is the fact that we will have an addition in our home with diapers of his or her own. Mommy does not want to change or buy two sets of diapers! One of mommy’s close friends and neighbors shared a method that had been successful with her two boys so mom decided to give it a try. Another reason we did it so young was this method recommended training at 22 months (we waited an extra month and did it when I was 23 months). The method pretty much had mommy stay within feet of me in my t shirt and undies for 3 days straight. On the first day, mommy told me about a million times to keep my undies dry and praised me every couple minutes for doing so. Then when I inevitably wet my undies, mom rushed me to the potty. Since she loaded me with liquids I had to go a lot and eventually gained some muscle memory. What also helped was that she reminded me pretty much every 30 seconds to “tell mommy when you have to go potty”. The first day was very hard with lots of accidents and lots of messes to clean up. Mom was lucky to have her experienced friend just a phone call away for lots of answers to questions and moral support! By day 2 and 3 I actually caught on and mommy and daddy were so proud of me! BTW mommy strayed a bit from the method because she kept me in diapers at night but at this stage we thought that was the best for everyone.
When going potty on the toilet actually became part of our daily routine it was quite an adjustment and mom struggled a bit with the patience she required with my control of our day. But now since I am pretty much fully trained and very good at holding my potty in until I am at a toilet she is loving life and hasn’t changed a poppy diaper in weeks!! One struggle we face is that I am scared to go on public toilets (can you blame me, they are scary places). We are working on that but luckily have had no accidents while out and about yet (I have held it for all three hours of church multiple times). There was a lot more than I wrote here that made our potty training experience successful thus far so if you are interested in the method we used, talk to mommy. She highly recommends it!

Potty training sort of ruined my awesome sleeping habits so mom and dad have had to get me back to putting myself to sleep. Night time was easier but mom struggled with my daily naps. What ended up working was quite surprising. Mom didn’t like the idea of locking my bedroom door because she asked me to tell her when I had to go potty so instead she left the door wide open. She doesn’t know if I feel more secure this way or what but it works and she is relieved I can put myself to sleep again.

This is a picture of my friend Juliette and me. My mom and her mom switch off babysitting quite a bit because neither of us have family really close. We also go on walks with her and her mom almost every morning. When other friends join us we take up the whole road and others refer to us as the “stroller brigade”.

Here is a clip of mommy and me just playing (sorry it is long an may be a little boring). I love to sing and this shows some of my favorite songs. I am much better at the actions to the songs than this video shows however. I have found that doing “Row Row” with baby is better than with mommy because her belly is getting bigger and she can’t assume the proper position for the song’s actions.
Ever since I taught this baby how to use the potty, we have been best buds. Before I used to carry her around by an ankle but daddy taught me how to properly hold her and hopefully I remember when our real baby comes around. She doesn’t have a name and I just call her “deedee”.

Me playing with mommy’s cousin, Larissa. She is an excellent play mate and mom loves going to Smiths because Larissa often gives her a little break from me 

Playing at the park with daddy on his day off.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Play

I forgot to mention another awesome play that mom and my cousins put on while we were in Yellowstone. Mommy helped Cousin Marin write this play and it was called "Tales of Vacations Past". It was a story about a little girl with a bad attitude about family vacations until a ghost comes in her dreams and shows her the fun she had in past family vacations. Marin played the little girl, Troy played the ghost and Kit Kat played the cousin. I can't wait until the next one!