Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am finally over my ear infection. It took longer than expected however because I had an allergic reaction to amoxicillin and had to go on some other stuff. That stuff tasted much better and worked to heal me. I am back to normal… well not quite.
When I was generally back to myself, mom was having a hack of a time getting me to go down for my afternoon nap. I would just endlessly cry and cry. She was sad thinking that I was already transitioning to one nap a day so she tried keeping me up for more of the morning but that didn’t work either. I got to the point where I was pretty much not napping AT ALL. Mom was going crazy especially because dad was busy and out of town two weekends in a row and couldn’t get a break from me. Mom still does not know what changed in me because I was napping so well a few weeks ago. Hopefully I will go back to normal soon!
My latest development is clapping! I love clapping especially when mom and dad do it. I simply love making noise so this gives me another avenue to express myself.
Another development that has been getting worse is eating off the ground. Literally anything that fits in my mouth will end up in my mouth from cereal to bobby pins. The scariest thing mom has scooped out of my mouth is a nickel. When I first started doing this, I put up a fuss anytime mom tried to get the object out of my mouth but I am better about opening up and letting her fish.
As many of you know, I am turning 1 on October 9th! Mom is so excited to put a party on for me. We are actually having two parties: one on October 3rd from 12-2pm and another on October 24th, time TBO. If you will be around and want to come to our Pirate Party, let my mom know. We would love to have you!!

Here are a few videos from you tube. People have shared them with my mom and they have brightened her day so maybe they can bring a smile to your face as well.

I find him sooo funny… check out other videos by him.

I think the same people must have made this one.. Thanks Mark!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Mom was a little frustrated this week because I was not sleeping well during the day or night. On Thursday we discovered the reason: I was getting my first ear infection. Wednesday night I woke up multiple times very stuffed up and the next day I got a really bad fever. When my fever got to 102.8, mom called the doctor and he said to bring me in. At the doctor, my fever was over 103 and he determined that I had an ear infection. They got me on some amoxicillin so hopefully that will help me feel better in the next couple of days. I have not been myself for the past couple of days; really drowsy and weepy. I am also very cuddly and am happiest when I am in my mom or dad’s arms. Mom and Dad have been giving me lots of extra love and snuggles and are asking that you keep me in your prayers so I can be comforted during this very uncomfortable time.
On to some happier news…on Thursday, mom had the opportunity to substitute teach for a friend’s music class at a Provo elementary school. It was only for half a day but she loved it! She taught choir first thing in the morning and then two 3rd grade classes. Daddy was able to babysit me this time but mom hopes to find a babysitter at some point so she can sub again. The crappy part of this is that mom doesn’t get paid very much. Even with degrees and teaching licenses no teacher really gets paid great in Utah, but subs have it really bad at least in the Provo school district.
Also, the first BYU football game is this Saturday! If you are watching it, look for daddy on TV. He will be on the side lines the whole time. Mom got tickets but when she found out I was sick, she decided not to go. However, Auntie Richelle offered to come watch me so if I am feeling a bit better, mom might still go. BYU is playing Washington so it should be a good game. If you have not heard, BYU football decided to get out of the Mountain West Conference and go independent like Notre Dame (not until next year though). This should bring a lot more national exposure to the team and more money too. All the other BYU sports will play for the West Coast Conference.