Monday, April 13, 2015

Marvelous March

The day before leaving to Canada, we finally had Damon's birthday party. It was Angry Bird themed and we all had a lot of fun!

The next day started early as we had to catch a 6:30am flight first to Denver and then to Calgary. Poor little Cooper had a bad cold and hardly slept, so he had a rough morning but we made it.
Sick baby snuggles

Watching Great Grandpa Campbell play the saxaphone at a nursing home. This particular nursing home is where mom's Great Aunt Jo lives. She was married to Emil Schlenker, my Grandpa (Ralph) Schlenker's Brother and the youngest of the 10 Schlenker children. He passed away not even a year ago. It was such a joy talking her and hearing many stories from the past. It reminded me of how fortunate we are to come from such incredible families. Mom's middle name is Kathryn which was the name of her Great Grandma Schlenker and mother of those 10 Schlenker children, 8 of which were boys. Her husband, Emmanuel died at the age of 39 when Emil was only 6 weeks old. She raised 10 children on her own and lived a long life, dying at the age of 89. Talk about coming from a heritage of strong mothers.

We got to spend lots of time with mom's high school friends and their kids. As Always, we forgot to take pictures but mom did snag this shot with her friend Eryn's daughter, Celine.

Visiting the tallest Teepee in the world

Damon can't visit Canada without getting a goose egg.
Bubble Monsters in the big tub

Visiting Memorial park and walking on the bridge above the South Saskatchewan River

Lots of stairs to learn this on

Auntie Deb along with Landon and his wife and Tyson and his girlfriend came over for supper and games. Later in the visit we got to Celebrate Deb's birthday by going bowling with them too.

Painting eggs with shaving cream with our cousins and grandma

Playing at the elementary school play ground where mommy went to school

When mommy went out with her friends one night, Grandma and Papa helped us make this huge club house. We even got to sleep in it.

We had fun visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Campbell. We made dough animals (a Grandma Campbell tradition) and had an Easter egg hunt at the park.

Cooper was so much help in the kitchen as always

We headed back up to Calgary before flying out and mommy went to the temple with some of the family which was really special.

On the last night mom was irresponsible and instead of going to bed early she went roller skating with Laurel, Derek and his girlfriend, Kianna. It was so worth it!
Layover in Denver on the way home back to Daddy!