Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer Travels part 2b: Week 2 at Ashley Lake

A few more pictures from Ashton's baptism day:

The second weekend we were there, Uncle Derek, Uncle Mark, Auntie Laurel and Cousins Ashton, Nick and Beckham came. Grandma and Grandpa Campbell were even there for a bit. We had amazing weather all week and tons of fun in the sun!

Grandma Loves the "hot tub" as much as us grandkids.

Putting the water trampoline in the water

Uncle Derek had a grand idea of a super Slip 'n slide. SO FUN!!

Uncle Mark found a baby bat and this is us trying to keep it alive. The boys were GREAT at killing bugs and feeding them to the bat. One night we let it out of his temporary home and he was gone the next morning. We are assuming his parents found him and took him to his real home.

Of course we got our quadding fill in.

As a thank you for letting her stay, Grandma Cari funded the building of the long awaited road sign. Daddy built it and did such a great job!!

Hangen with Uncle Derek

Grandma taking all the boys on an early morning bike ride

Cooper skinny dipping.

As much fun as we all had, there was one part that was difficult for everyone, especially mom: Cooper would not sleep at night. On average he would wake up 5 times a night usually with these crazy screaming fits with nothing to calm him but mom nursing him. Mom was so desperate for sleep she was trying all sorts of remedies and diets thinking it was gas pain but nothing really worked. Because of our very long 2 day drive home and knowing this, dad was able to finagle 2 hotel rooms on the way home. Though she knew she had a long night ahead of her, she was in a happy place going to bed alone in a king-size at 9pm.

A stop in Dell, Montana

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Peace Out Summer

We had a few really hot weeks after we got home but it is already starting to cool off and it is great! Public school here starts in early August and it is crazy to think that this time next year, Houston will be in Kindergarten.
Mom agreed to start watching a 3 year old girl named Landry 3 days a week for some extra income. Her parents are teachers so the schedule should work out great. She is a real sweet heart and mom likes having another girl around. As much as mommy loves teaching piano, with 3 young kids it is just not working out like she had hoped. She has kept about 4 students so she can still get her fill.

Garage sale find: Santa's sky lift for around our Christmas tree
Exploring some Halloween options (Damon loves to test his out at least once a day)

Houston loves his puzzles. Both boys are really into Lego right now too. Houston even wants to have a Lego birthday party!!

Damon's little creation

After mom had been out for a night, she came home to 6 shoe boxes full of PEACHES!! Her favorite. Daddy had taken all 3 boys peach picking. But now it was mommy's turn to get busy so they didn't go to waste. This was her first real time canning and she wasn't a huge fan. But it is done and reaping the benefits later in the year will make it worth it.

Our family is apart of a program called "Imagine Library" sponsored by Dolly Parton. Each child receives an age appropriate book every month until they are 5! We were able to attend a party to celebrate the program issuing 50,000 books. The theme was based on of the latest books called Llama, Llama Red Pajama which is one of our favorites. Houston was excited to meet the Llama but it took Damon a while to warm up. As we were leaving, Damon all of a sudden takes off and mom had to go chase him. She finally realized that he was searching for the Llama so that he could give him a hug before leaving. What a sweet guy!

Warming up after playing at the splash pad

Damon's not-so-sweet side resulted in this shiner. Mom saw the whole thing and man, does Damon have a mean right hook.

This happened right in the middle of preschool when mom had 7 children to look after. Houston didn't hold back any drama and Mom had to figure out a consequence for Damon... fun times!
Like we mentioned, preschool has begun and we are all excited!

Mom was the first teacher so Damon got to participate too.
Here are some craft time creations. Guess who's is who.

Bike ride with some friends

Enough of the big boys. How about some Cooper Cuteness:

Landry LOVES Cooper!
Cooper is now 6 months old!! Rolling all over the place and so very happy and social. He is such a joy during the day and even doing a bit better at night. Everyone seems to melt as soon as they see him and he flashes his winning grin. He just looks at everyone with such love and adoration. Mom literally tries to memorize his face every time along with his little fingers, toes, smells and snuggles. Mom was never incredibly attached to Houston and Damon's baby stages but with Cooper she can relate a bit to this little girl:

At his latest doctor's appointment he measures 50th percentile for both height and head circumference and went up from 4th to 5th percentile for weight. We have started him on rice cereal and wants nothing to do with it. He thinks spitting it all over the place is a hoot.

Family bike ride for Family Home Evening

Our ALS ice bucket challenges

Damon couldn't be left out either. Another sweet moment when he brought his donation from who knows where. Love him!

Daddy has been super busy with football season starting but we were able to get out to celebrate his 32nd birthday with some friends.