Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my first video

Out for a walk in the rain. Don't I look like Daddy?

A little something we call "Pants on the Head"

Thursday was a very busy day for us. In the morning, mom had an appointment with the Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid/government no-cost medical insurance) worker that is in charge of my health insurance application. Can you believe my mom has been trying to get me health insurance since January 27? She filled out 3 separate applications and spent hours on the phone. If you want to know more, you better ask her. This whole experience has made mom hate private health insurance and appreciate what she grew up with in Canada. She has discovered that she feels like health insurance is a right. When you have money to pay for fancy shmancy health insurance go right ahead, but when you can’t afford it, it needs to be provided. While we waited for me to get health insurance, mom prayed every night something would not happen to me. We have been very blessed that I have been so healthy. When mom went to the appointment with her worker, she said she wasn’t leaving until she had coverage for me. I am glad she left me with grandma and grandpa incase things got ugly. BTW she was successful with out having to beat anyone up!

After my next nap, mom and I went to the dollar store to get some birthday decorations. Thursday was grandma Cari’s birthday. We put up streamers and balloons and wore party hats when she came home from work. She thought I was the cutest birthday surprise ever! Afterward we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. I was so tired the whole time but refused to have a nap. I didn’t want to miss the party!
On Saturday we drove to Brentwood to celebrate both grandma Cari’s birthday again and Auntie Lora’s birthday which is Sunday. After a delicious meal we watched the Shark’s playoff hockey game and had some ice cream for dessert (well the adults did - I guess Ryan did have a little but mom didn't give me any...rude).
You will be happy to here to that most days last week I slept like an angel. Mommy was thrilled and got so much done! Unfortunately later in the week brought about more allergies so I woke up quite a bit because my nose was really stuffed up. That is no fun for anyone! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so mom is going to ask about allergy medication.
One other cute thing I am doing lately is sucking in my bottom lip and using that to make new noises. It seems I talk more and more everyday and daddy thinks I will be talking before I even crawl.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cousin Marin's Baptism

Well blow me down and call me Aunt Jemimah (as grandma Schlenker would say)! We have discovered that the one thing mommy has been avoiding like the plague because of SIDS actually helps me sleep better; who would have thought that sleeping on my belly would allow me to sleep like twice as long. The only problem is sometimes I don’t fall asleep on my belly and mommy doesn’t want to force anything on me but gets excited and scared when I do.
Mom is thrilled that I have started a new schedule. Instead of having 4 naps, I have two short naps in the morning and a long nap in the after noon. Because of this, mom bumped up my bedtime a half hour. Dad doesn’t like this as much because he doesn’t get to spend as much time with me, but I get so tired otherwise.
Just the other day I discovered rolling from my back to my tummy. Now I do it all the time. Sometimes when mom puts me on my play mat, she looks back and finds I have rolled myself all the way onto the floor roll or under the coffee table. She has to keep more of an eye on me but is still grateful because she knows this is only beginning.
A little while ago daddy helped Auntie Anne fix the stereo in her car. To re-pay him, she babysat me and treated mom and dad to a night out on the town. They went out for dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant in Berkley. They had a nice date and I had lots of fun with Auntie Anne. I am so silly though because when she took me to the park I fell asleep in the swing. My first time in a real swing and I fall asleep! Mom wished she could have seen that. Anne had so much fun with me, she is thinking of other favors we could do for her so she can babysit me again.

Left to right: Troy, his sister Marin holding Houston, Kathryn holding her brother Ryan
Yesterday we drove up to Sacramento so that we could attend Cousin Marin’s Baptism. It was so very special! Grandma Cari talked about the Holy Ghost and mommy played the piano so I got to hang out with daddy the whole time. Cousin Marin looked so beautiful in her white dress and was beaming the whole time. She is very mature for her age so I think she understood better than many children that get baptized at 8. After the baptism, the family gathered at Auntie Andi and Uncle Adam’s for a barbeque. We played a lot outside because the weather was so nice. Marin loved the gift we got her which was awesome because mommy spent over an hour picking it out. It was a colorful butterfly necklace and matching earrings. I was such a good boy the whole day and slept the whole way home. Mom and dad love that I can be pretty flexible during the day as long as I get some naps in (note: the key word is day). Alas, when will I ever sleep through the night?

The last bit of exciting news is that Daddy bought a dirt bike! He has been wanting to by a bike ever since he sold the scooter and finally got his wish. He got a great deal and loves riding it around. It is a 2008 Yamaha WR250R. It is a special bike that is great in the dirt but is also street legal so he will be able to drive it to school everyday and leave mommy and me the car. He picked it up on his way to Sacramento yesterday and was able to show it off to all the family. Mommy got to ride on the back for a little while but is excited to learn how to actually drive it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

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Monday, April 12, 2010


Can you believe I am 6 months old? Here are some new things I am doing these days:
1. I have discovered that my little fingers feel really good when I dance them on my head. Mom finds me doing it to sooth myself. One funny time, I was caught with one hand scratching my head and the other scratching my cousin, Ryan’s head who was laying beside me.
2. I started eating solid foods! Mom started me on rice cereal and that was ok. I put up with it for about a week but then I decided that was enough. For a couple of days, each time I ate a bite my face contorted and I even choked on most bites. Since my mom decided choking me to death was not worth feeding me rice, she got some oatmeal and I am loving it!
3. Even though I am still a pretty chill baby, when I get talking and screaming there is nothing stopping me. I’m sure the neighbors will be complaining soon. I love the sound of my high pitched screeching and can easily tire myself (and my mommy) out with it.
4. I am sleeping even less than before I started eating solid food! I wake up every 2-4 hours. Isn’t that great! Well according to mom it is not that great especially because she thought I would sleep better with a full belly. There are many possible reasons I am sleeping less and none of us are quite sure what it is. I tend to get a lot of gas at night plus my nose plugs up in the mornings. Hopefully we will figure it out soon.
5. I am reaching for the unreachable. Reaching for toys that are just to far makes me so close to rolling from my back to my belly. I’ll get there eventually. I am a pro at rolling from my belly to my back.
Three Sundays ago, mom and dad gave talks in church. Dad’s talk was on enduring to the end and mom’s talk was on Christ’s atonement (with the Easter season). I was pretty tired so grandma held me in the back. I listened to mom’s talk because I know her voice so well but I was too tired to stay awake during dad’s talk. They were both happy when they were done. Mommy wants to thank everyone who helped her with her talk, especially Grandma Schlenker and Auntie Crystal.
That same weekend Uncle Derek had a sad ending to a fun night up in Edmonton. He and some friends went to a gymnastics facility to play and while diving over some tall structures, Uncle Derek landed on his wrist in between 2 mats and broke it quite severely. He was admitted to the hospital and went into surgery the next morning. He had 2 plates and 13 screws inserted and has to have a cast on for 6-8 weeks. This is his 4th broken wrist. Mommy hopes I do not follow the trend of her family breaking a lot of bones.
Last weekend was Easter. On Friday I helped mom and grandma babysit Cousin Ryan and Cousin Kat while their parents went out for a night on the town to celebrate their anniversary. On Saturday, the whole family went out for ice cream to celebrate Cousin Katie being in town for spring break. Afterward I went to bed and mom went to play games at the Vastola’s but she didn’t last long because like most nights, she is very tired (I guess that is my fault). On Sunday, we all relaxed in the morning and then headed over to Great Grandma and Grandpa Coppers for supper and games. All the partying made it seem like Easter but the rainy weather made it seem like winter. Happy Easter everyone!