Friday, April 15, 2011

one more before we leave

Quote of the week (from dad to mom about me):
“He is beating me with a rolling pin!”

I am becoming a better and better wrestler but sometimes when I find weapons to use, mom and dad have to take caution.

I have recently discovered how to take off my diaper. Usually I have an undershirt onesie on, but as the days get warmer, mom sometimes decides they are not necessary. And since I do not nap with pants on, that is the perfect time to take it off and breathe a little. Both times that I have taken my diaper off during naptime, I have woken up screaming because there is a big mound of poo in the middle of my crib. Mom runs in to find my pinned up against the bars of my crib with a frightened look on my face. After this occurred twice, she learned to either nap me with pants on or tape my diaper shut.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sorry for the technical difficulties but I finally fixed the 2nd birthday ticker. Check it out on the left.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Year and One Half

This video shows me saying a rhyme with mom called “Poor Old Horse”. Here is how we sing it:
Houston: “poor old horse”
Mom: “he goes so slow”
Houston: “he never stops”
Mom: “in the rain or the snow”
Houston: “BUT”
Mom: “give him a kick and away he goes, away he goes, away he goes. Give him a kick and away he goes, all the way to town. Whoa Horsey!”
Sometimes I miss the third line and skip to the “BUT” because it is my favorite part.

Look how long I am getting

This is my best bud, Rusty and me. He lives around the corner and we play together a lot. He is just a couple months younger than me and his mom, Brie and my mom are great friends.

This is a new thing I do with stickers- I actually put them there myself. Sometimes they stay on my head/face most of the day.

I am getting better at animal sounds. The lion and the puppy are the cutest. This is me doing a lion:

Just lounging before nap time

A couple of days ago I turned 18 months old. Mom and dad are just in awe at how fast I am growing and all the new things I learn everyday. Even though I still have 1-2 (average) small temper tantrums a day, I am becoming much better at listening. I can’t remember the last time I had to go to “time out”. I know now that when mom or dad threatens “time out”, they mean it and I don’t like it.
I finally stopped teething (I have 16 teeth now) and then I got a cold. Considering my nose is constantly running and coughing wakes me up from sleep, I have been in good spirits. For fear of spreading my germs, mom and dad decided to keep me away from Nursery today which is a shame because this would have been my first Sunday going by myself.
A few weeks ago, we had an awesome but quite short visit from Grandma Schlenker. She hitched a ride with some friends who were coming south for a long weekend. Even though it was short, we packed a lot in. Mom and grandma bought a lot of fabric for some new sewing projects and we went out to eat at some beloved restaurants (Zupa’s and Pizza Pie CafĂ©). On Saturday, when daddy was able to watch me, mom and grandma went skiing and snowboarding at Brighton Ski resort. They had a blast in the amazing conditions. Grandma has so much energy!! On Sunday we went up to Smith’s after church and Grandma stayed there for the night because of her early departure the next morning.
We are not as sad that her visit was short because mom and I just planned a trip up to Canada at the end of April and beginning of May. Before that we will be going with daddy to California for Easter and to visit with his side of the family.

O, I almost forgot. On March 22, mom and dad attended a Bon Jovi Concert. They were expecting a great show, but they were still blown away. It was UNREAL! They had such a great time!