Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Jobs

The count down is on to find out the gender of our baby. We are so excited to find out!! Until then however and for the rest of the summer we need to earn some major money. I recently took over all of the responsibilities at the Faber home (the family we work for to get free rent). I work for 4 hours in the afternoon cleaning and cooking and was not aware that four hours could go by that slowly. Luckily in the morning I have another part time job that goes by a little quicker. I answer phones for an alarm system company as a customer service representative. It does not sound that glamorous and it isn't but I work with some really great people who keep me laughing. The worse part about this job is that I have to work Saturdays. Boo
Mickey is staying busy with almost three jobs. Everyday until the end of May he will work with the BYU track team (except they are paying him now, thank goodness). Many mornings he is also installing satellite systems for a local company. The third thing he is doing is umpiring for the Orem city softball league (he is also playing in the same league with some friends). Umping for this league made him interested in umping for girls 12 and under fast pitch softball. He does that on the weekends and earns quite a bit more.
We are very excited for our upcoming sand dune quadding trip down in Rexburg, ID. We will be meeting my Dad, brother and some other friends for some good times. I won't be able to participate as much as usual but it will still be nice to get out of Provo/Orem. That along with baby gender news is coming up next weekend!

BYU Graduation

The best part about graduation was having family come to visit. My parents and grandparents came the weekend before the ceremonies and Mickey's parents came the night before. Here are some highlights of the whole week:
  • Going out to eat a lot is always fun and I am so happy that our parents love Zupas just as much as I do. We went twice... yum.
  • My grandparents brought my birthday present which was my great great great grandma's first engagement ring restored and looking extremely beautiful. I believe it came from South Africa where her fiancee sadly died. I inherited this ring from my Great Grandma Campbell.
  • At the commencement, I actually sat quite close to my family and could see them the whole time. This is quite amazing because of the near 7000 grads and parents filling up the basketball stadium the odds are not that good. When all of grads stood up at one point it almost took my breath away.
  • We were lucky enough to have Elder Nelson and Pres Uchtdorf speak at the commencement. Having the whole ceremony centered around the gospel made it so special... I love BYU!
  • That night all of the family went out to Olive Garden for a meal. I loved all of the chatter and laughter (plus the waitress thought I was graduating from high school... I took it as a compliment).
  • The next morning was my college's (fine arts and communications) convocation. Before I parted to take my place on stage, we took a lot of fun pictures as you can see. Dad-Tim is so talented!
  • Walking across that stage to receive my fake diploma was sure something. At that moment I think it finally hit me that I was graduating.
  • Again, we were lucky enough to have Elder Oaks speak at the convocation (he had 3 grandchildren graduation in my same college and one even I even new quite well). His talk was very inspiring and I felt it was directed at me because he spoke a lot on parenthood.
  • That night we attended a BYU vs Utah lacrosse game. It was a little rainy and cold but we had a great time together. Sadly that night I said goodbye to my parents. I am so grateful for their support through my whole college experience.
  • The rest of the week was spent with Mickey's parents. Usually I don't love to sit and watch TV all day on Sunday, but it had been so long since I had sat and did nothing for any period of time I welcomed watching NASCAR for hours with open arms. We had a great time with them and were sad to see them go as well. I am also so very grateful for their support. Many of my friends did not have their parents-in-law come out for their graduation so I felt extremely blessed!