Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road Trip

Mommy turned 24 years old on February 7. It was the same day as the super bowl so we went to grandma and grandpa Cooper’s house for a super bowl party. It was pretty fun and Daddy and me gave mommy her gift. Daddy helped me press my hand and foot print into some molding clay and then fit it into a frame with a picture of daddy and me on the other side. I know she loved it because tears came to her eyes when she opened it. She must love daddy and me a lot. Mommy also woke up to a huge bouquet of flowers from grandma and grandpa Wilcock. Plus she got many cards in the mail from family. She is very grateful! Mommy loves her birthday because she gets to talk on the phone to lots of family members back in Canada. She was on the phone all night!
A couple days later I turned 4 months old. My latest discovery is my feet. I hold them up and look at them when I’m supposed to be napping and grab them when I sit in my car seat. I don’t think I am as flexible as my cousin Ryan so I doubt I will be putting them in my mouth any time soon. I have my 4 month doctor appointment coming up so we can see how much I weigh now. Mommy has lots of questions for the doctor but generally she thinks I am doing great. I am happy (as long as I get my 4 naps a day in) and healthy!
This past long weekend our little family took a road trip to southern California. We stayed with Shawn, daddy’s best friend from high school and his family. Shawn’s wife is so nice and super smiley. She made breakfast and us every morning and was very hospitable. Their 4 year old daughter is named Sophia and she loved showing me all her toys and telling me stories. I think she may be able to beat out some of my cousins (particularly Kit Kat and Ashton) in talking competitions.
Even though our trip was short, we packed a lot of fun activities in. On Saturday we went on a hike in Thousand Oaks to see some water falls. Mommy and daddy took turns carrying me in the strap-on carrier. To protect me from the sun I wore one of Wyatt’s old hats. It was too big for me so it covered my face. This worked out nicely however because I was tired a slept most of the hike anyway. That night Daddy and Shawn went to a BYU vs some Cali college lacrosse game. On Sunday we drove to Santa Barbra so I could see the ocean. It was very beautiful and we got some nice pictures. During this trip mommy fed me many crazy places but my favorite was right on the beach because my feet could play in the cool sand the whole time. Sunday was Valentines Day so the men wanted to take the ladies out for a nice meal. We walked up and down State Street like 40 times trying to find a nice restaurant but we ended up just eating at a pizza joint. One fancy place claimed they only took reservations (mind you the place was practically empty) but probably didn’t want us there because we were in shorts and had kids. Monday we said good bye to the Kings and drove to Santa Monica to visit one of mommy’s best friends from high school, Eryn Wenzel. Actually it is Eryn Cameau now because she just got married. Eryn is in Dental school at USC. We met her and her husband Ryan at a cute little place to have brunch. Mommy was so excited to see Eryn and had a great time catching up. After brunch we walked along on the ocean and onto a busy pear with lots of shops and carnival rides. Eryn and Ryan thought I was pretty cute and I was sad to say good bye.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jan 31

January 31, 2010
Everyday I am discovering new things. I am also gaining more control of my hands and using them to discover as well. Mom tries to introduce me to new toys everyday but I clearly like 2 the best. One is a plastic football that has many holes I can stick my fingers in and the other is a red monkey that is soft and has really long limbs. If mom leaves me in my car seat to sleep after a drive and can be later found awake silently playing with my football. Mom thinks it is so cute.
Lately I have been hearing people describe me as a momma’s boy. Daddy’s opinion of this goes back and forth. Sometimes he is defensive because he knows he has always been a momma’s boy and sometimes he gets a little sad because I become happy when mommy holds me. Don’t get me wrong, my dad and I have a great time and I love him so much. Mommy just has the goods and knows how to get me to sleep when I’m tired.
On Saturday I was able to Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper who just got home from a month long vacation to Australia. They had a great time and said I had grown up so much in a month. Now that mom has started to go jogging, I stay with G &G Cooper for about an hour everyday. We have a great time. Today I got to watch some old western shows with them and after I told them some stories.
Later on Saturday Grandma Wilcock babysat me while mommy and daddy drove to San Francisco. Daddy won some tickets for the traveling motor cross races. They had 3rd row seats and said the show was amazing. There were lots of fire and fire works, loud music, big jumps and a couple of big crashes. I heard mom say that they whole time she was thinking how much Uncle Mark would have enjoyed it. Mom said she really enjoyed it but would have liked it a bit more if she wasn’t dead tired and didn’t have to smell alcohol and weed the whole time, whatever they are.