Thursday, December 16, 2010

December is here

The day that mom was dreading has come and gone. I now only have 1 nap a day and even though mom was expecting a rough transition period, I made it quite easy on her. It took one night of me not sleeping very well, then 2 days of not falling asleep when I normally had my morning nap and that was it. Mom was also worried that she would miss the extra free time she got from 2 naps but she likes this arrangement even better. I pretty much sleep for the same amount of time (2 hours) just all at once. Mom and I love going out to do something active in the mornings and then we have all after noon to play and run errands.
I am also getting better and better at playing by my self. I still need mommy loving every once in a while but my favorite things to do are look at books, crawl around with shoes and walk around with my train.

For a while now, mommy has really wanted us to get nice family pictures done, but it has been a little out of our budget. Recently however, daddy found a coupon on that gave us a super sweet deal on a family outdoor photo session, a family portrait and Christmas cards. Because of this, mom decided it was time I got my first real hair cut. It was a little traumatic but I survived with my bottle of apple juice. It was totally worth it too because I looked so cute afterwards and our pictures turned out great!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Thanks again Auntie Crystal, Uncle Matthew and Wyatt!!