Friday, January 22, 2016

California Christmas 2015

We are so blessed to have such amazing extended family! For this last Christmas we drove out to Northern California and spent 2 weeks with Daddy's side of the family. Our first day of travel went very well. Cooper is by far the best toddler traveler our family has ever experienced. Even on the second day when things went slower with weather and traffic he was such an angel. Still, none of us kids sleep in the car which is so crazy to mom but at least we were in fairly good spirits. We spent a night in Las Vegas after our first day of travel. Auntie Andi and Uncle Adam hooked us up with bonus time at their time share which is really nice. Even though the weather was pretty cold, we all braved the outdoor pool, lazy river and hot tub.
(Look at that full belly)

Seeing the new Star Wars was our first big, and most anticipated event. Cooper stayed back with Auntie Lora but the rest of us all LOVED it!

Afterward, we had a surprise 60th birthday party for Granddad since we weren't able to celebrate in the summer.

Oakland Zoo

Christmas Eve and morning were spent is the wonderful traditional manner: dinner & dessert and gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Cooper's, gift opening and brunch at Grandma Cari and Granddad's the next morning, and dinner, dessert and games at the Vastoloa's in the evening. So many special memories with the people we love!

On a hike in the Oakland Hills with the Vastolas. They took us to a neat location where millions of lady bugs stay dormant, practically freeze in the winter.

Beautiful Oakland temple all lit up

A few days later we all went to Six Flags amusement park. Our cousin's families have season passes and were all able to bring a friend for free this particular day. Our family has never done the amusement park thing yet so it was new, exciting and very exhausting! One highlight was seeing 2 dolphin shows! When mom was able to pull away from the kids and the kid rides near the end of the day, she was really excited to go on an adult ride. Her, Marin and Auntie Andi got in line for the Super Man ride but when they got about half way through the ride shut down because someone had a medical emergency on it. She was super bummed but over all we had a great day!

The next day was spent at Ryan and Kit Kat's house playing their video games and on their new trampoline. It was nice to relax and chill out for a day.

Skating, as always was a highlight!

Uncle Dan and Auntie Ann Vastola came to have a games night with the kids (they gave us games for Christmas gifts). They are so awesome and game for anything! The adults also took advantage of the kid sitting and played games themselves.

On New Year's eve some of us went to the BYU basketball games verses St Mary's.

One of our favorite new places to eat: Ike's in downtown Oakland. Seriously best sandwiches ever!!

Coop wanting to sleep with the big kids