Sunday, September 29, 2013

Boy or girl?

We will find out on October 9th!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Alas we are again behind but for good reason(s). This past summer was a crazy one full of travel and visiting family. It was so wonderful and we are excited to show and tell about all the fun we had. But until we are able to gather and organize pictures, you will have to enjoy what we have done since being back home.

The craziest news we have to share is that we are expecting an unexpected addition to our family! A few days after mommy, me and Damon arrived in Canada (end of June), mom was noticing a few pregnancy indicators and sure enough, after taking a pregnancy test, confirmed her suspicion. I can't say that mom received this news with as much joy as she did with news of my brother and I, but life is crazy and I guess it is time for our family to expand. Even though mommy and daddy had a tentative plan to wait another year before having their 3rd child, mom has recognized many signs that Heavenly Father has given her to help prepare her for this twist. My new siblings approximate due date is February 25, 2014. You may remember that Damon's birthday is February 24 so they should be pretty darn close to exactly 2 years apart. At this time, mommy is just over 16 weeks along and is scheduled for her 20 week ultrasound on October 9th (my 4th birthday). It will be a fun birthday surprise to find out if I'm having a brother or sister. Stay tuned for a poll of your gender guesses.

Mom did her best to work through the first trimester nausea especially while traveling alone with 2 kids and keeping things (somewhat) secret. Coming home and starting work was a nice change and helped to keep her mind off the way her body was slowing her down. You may remember that mom had booked tickets and registered to participate in a triathlon in August. The remainder of the training was so difficult because of the nausea and fatigue mom often ended her workouts in tears, not knowing if she could complete this goal she had been working so hard for. But the weekend arrived and she flew alone to Canada not really knowing what to expect. Much to her surprise she felt great the whole weekend and did very well in the race. She is very aware that she had heaven's help. This experience was more to her than a race. It was a chance to feel great about a personal accomplishment and share the experience with some beloved family members. Heavenly Father was completely aware of this and thus, gave her the motivation and energy she needed to not only complete the race, but thoroughly enjoy it!
These pictures were sent to mom from the babysitter just after she left. She was sad to leave us both for the weekend (first time being away from Damon) but these pictures helped her feel better.

Swimming lessons were great! My teacher was so patient and fun. I learned a lot and my bravery increased greatly!

Fun times with some kiddos we babysit.

Crazy Damon at rocket park

Dad found me like this randomly one morning.

A fun game we often play taught to us by one of our babysitters, Rachel.

On Dad's 31st birthday, we tried to make his day as special as we could. First we woke him up with cards and gifts.
Then we surprised him at work with breakfast and mint chocolate chip cupcakes.

(those balls are heavier than they look)
Later mommy and him went out for a nice dinner at Outback.

Another Primary scripture: "I Nephi did go into the mount oft, and I did pray oft unto the Lord. Wherefore the Lord did show unto me great things. That means Heavenly Father can answer out prayers too."

Introducing Damon to the Strider

He is so cute!

Me too!

We were thinking Damon would make a good "Adam" for halloween...

...but then we decided he might get a little cold so we went with Sully and Mike from Monster's Inc. Thanks again, Grandma and Granddad for the awesome costumes!!

It has been abnormally rainy here recently but we have loved the break from the heat!