Sunday, April 2, 2017

New Home

The catch up finally continues...
First pictures taken of us as Canadian residents

We went to echo dale a lot!

And Elkwater

Lego competition in the mall

Daddy's birthday!

We loved our visit from Uncle Matthew, Auntie Crystal, Wyatt, Willow and Finn. Wyatt is quite into baseball and we were obviously obliged to play a lot with him.

We love our Coop but sometimes he leaves a ward party at kin coulee, pulls down his pants, and goes #2 in the middle of the road.

First days of school: Houston, grade 1 at Crestwood; Damon, Preschool at Busy Bees


Early snow fall. For Cooper's first play in the snow, he refused to wear a coat, mits or even boots. So Mom let him out and he actually lasted longer than she thought he would.

We see deer everywhere in this city.

Snapchat with cousin Ben after his brother, Darren's homecoming talk since arriving home from his mission in Texas. We had a great time with Lacustas in Calgary. We were there for Houston's actual birthday so...

We completed reading the Captain Underpants series and Houston and Damon decided to start their own book.

Of course we celebrated Houston's birthday with another star wars party. Daddy lead everyone in assembling their own blasters (PVC pipe marshmellow guns). Mom was also pretty proud of the Millennium Falcon cake and Death Star piƱata.


Thanks to Grandma Schlenker for sewing the awesome costumes!

At Houston's school costume parade, Damon and Cooper just joined his class like it was nothing.

When Cooper has naps, he is usually up late and likes to watch shows with G&P

"Momma, her's strong"

YMCA floor hockey

Show watching ninja brother snuggles

The many layers of Damon (ready for soccer)


Grandma's goods at a local trade show
This is one of Grandma's dog collars. Damon can pull of the Chip and Dale look pretty well.

Sun set walk in Kin Coulee

Beautiful police point adventure

Grandma Cari and Granddad to visit over American Thanksgiving. We got to show them all around town. They also came with us to our ward's ugly sweater Christmas party.

Our family won best dressed with all our homemade ugly sweaters.

Letters to Santa

slippery but beautiful run for mommy

Damon struggled through soccer but after he got his medal, he was so proud, carried it everywhere and even slept with it.

Most days Cooper does not nap. However if we drive anywhere in the afternoon he will fall asleep in the van.

Sleep over!

Damon is Number 48. Pic #1 - thinking about defending. Pic #2 miraculously running towards the ball ;)

All of Damon's soccer games took place in a large indoor soccer facility that is a part of a even larger leisure center with a hockey rink, pool, track etc. Usually Houston and Cooper stayed pretty close during these games. However for this particular game, Houston and mom were enjoying some rock-paper-scissors matches and mom realized that she hadn't seen Cooper in a while. When both Houston and Mom went to look for him he was no where to be found. After some slightly more frantic searching mom informed the front desk that her son was missing and gave them his description. At this point mom called dad who hopped in the car to come and she continued a now very frantic search. The building gave a few announcements and after about 20 minutes, they shut everything down and every single employee was helping mom in the search. By this point mom was hysterical and fervently praying her little boy would be found. One nice man found mom and told her he was a police man. He was very reassuring and even enlisted the help of a soccer team to search the parking lot. Finally after about 30 minutes he was found by one of the staff members. Dad arrived about the same time. We still do not know exactly where he was but we think he was under some bleachers watching another kid play on his phone. Cooper is a very social boy which is great because everyone loves him and he is not insecure or shy. But it has its disadvantages like being overly trusting. We are so very grateful things turned out ok.

If you haven't noticed, Cooper is almost always in costume. We used to fight it, but now we just embrace his dramatics.
Happy birthday Great Grandma Campbell!