Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer 2015: Ashley Lake

D man getting confident on the Ski Trainer

The Knee boards were al the rage this summer. All the older kids loved them especially Houston. Mommy even got unto it trying some tricks like a 360.

This also happened!!! Such a brave kid (and different kid from last year). We are all so proud!

Strange enough, Cooper again preferred his Uncle Mark to any other. It must be something about blond uncles.

One highlight of the Ashley Lake trip was our experience on Ghost Island...We all heard about a pirate (Papa) who lives there and keeps a map with clues to buried treasure. All the boys were able to poison him (with the help of his long lost love, Grandma), tie him up and steel his map.

Summer 2015: California Cooper Reunion

Our big trip began by driving to Utah and catching a flight out of Provo to Oakland. The Cooper family reunion started that night and we were so excited.

The opening event was attending an Oakland A's baseball game with fire works to follow. Much of the family were able to watch the fireworks on the actual baseball field.

Saturday (4th of July): We all went to Auntie Anne and Uncle Dan's house for a BBQ and fun games for all ages.

Sunday: We started the day taking a Niles Canyon train ride. The whole atmosphere was historic and fun!

After that we headed to Auntie Lora's parent's house in Pleasanton to go swimming at their beautiful home. Houston and Damon really came out of their shells at the pool.

Monday: This was mostly a preparation day for the upcoming camping trip but we did squeeze the new Inside Out movie in.

Tuesday: Left early for Yosemite National park. WHAT A PLACE!! We stayed at the "housekeeping" campground which was very unique (cement structure with beds, a canvas roof and covered porch) but worked out great for all our families. Our tents were even close to the beautiful river where we all met to eat lunch the first day.

Yosemite is known for its magnificent waterfalls. We were able to see 3 of them. Because of the CA drought the waterfalls weren't as big as usual. Our first hike took us to see Vernal Falls. All hiked to the bottom and some walked up 600 steps (mist trail) to the top. This group included Damon on mom's and other's back and Cooper on daddy's.

Delish spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!

Wednesday: The morning was spent touring the visitor center and learning about Yosemite's history.

Later we hiked to another waterfall but it was so dry we were able to climb on the boulders that are usually submersed. This was definitely a highlight for our family as Houston and Damon were in their element and had such an adventure.

Fun with glow sticks on our last night.

Thursday: A huge thunder/rain storm pored down during the night and much of the next morning. It made things a tad more difficult but overall didn't get in the way and everyone was happy for the moisture. On our way out of the park we stopped by Yosemite falls.

We drove to Sacramento to spend some time at Auntie Andi and Uncle Adam's place. This awesome pool is at their community club house.

Cooper preferred Uncle Adam pretty much over everyone else. Cooper is just so lovable. Uncle Tim and him developed a special relationship and even got rocked to sleep by him one night. Auntie Andi, Cooper, and Cousin Marin created a fun little game they called "touch walks". He loved to go exploring with them!

Damon was the ONLY able to break free from Granddad's tight hold.

Saturday (last day of the reunion): We went on a hike to Inspiration point in Oakland's Tindale Park. Afterwards we road the little stream train.

The next week we spent their didn't have organized family activities but we still packed a lot of fun in.

Our next destination was Ashley Lake, Montana. Mom and us 3 boys flew straight there. Houston got sick the day before leaving and this made mom very nervous about the airport experience and plane ride. Auntie Lora was our saving grace and talked her way into helping us through check in, security, and onto the plane. Needless to say she helped things go a lot smoother. She is so amazing and generous!! Mommy will never forget it. Daddy drove home to work for a week before coming up to meet us. He is such a trooper <3 and we love him!