Monday, April 7, 2014

Memories of March

Houston and mommy went on a date ice skating.

First Bath (a while ago)

Happy St Patrick's Day

The latest on Mini Coop who is now over 6 weeks old:
Growing out of new born clothes and wearing a few 3 month items
Still has lots of auburn/brown hair
Loves his swing and almost prefers to sleep in it over arms (which is not the worst thing in the world)
Continues to be a good eater and very consistent, every 2 1/2 - 3 hours.
Once in a while he will go 4 hours without eating at night.
Sleeps pretty good in his crib as long as there is there is something that smells like mommy in there.
Doesn't poop a lot unlike his brothers
Likes bath time but hates the cold, naked, lotion parts afterward.
Has a little lump on his head close to his right temple.
Strongly dislikes tummy time and also dislikes back time. Lately it seems he simply doesn't like being awake haha.
Whether he is awake or asleep, he LOVES being swaddled.
Loves his soother
Used to be good at putting himself to sleep with just a minute or 2 of whimpering or crying but is starting to fight it.
Mom is almost sure she got 2 smiles out of him one evening but hasn't seen one since.

We made Grandma Cari earn her keep by painting our living room. Doesn't it look great! She did an amazing job and worked so hard! Check out our fort we made to stay out of her way.
We also had tons of fun too... us at Banana's Fun Park
Unfortunately Damon got quite sick while Grandma was here too. She did enjoy lots of snuggles though. We decided to take him to the doctor after he had had a fever for a few days and woke up with his right lymphnode the size of a large strawberry.

I think our parents like us asleep.

Mom and Cooper trying to stay awake for a BYU basketball game but being unsuccessful.

Helping Daddy install some new door handles.

Mom has actually braved a few baseball games with all 3 kids!

Mom had some fun with April Fool's Day this year: frozen cereal, shoes stuffed with tissue and blue milk.

Mom and dad are getting busy in their new ward. Dad was called as the cub master and mom is back in Young Women's as the personal progress advisor and ward choir pianist.

Here are a couple cute stories we don't want to forget:

As you may remember, Houston LOVED the olympics. When they started, daddy explained that our family cheers for 2 teams: team USA and team Canada. Then daddy asked, "but who will we cheer for if they are competing against each other?". After a minute of thought, Houston looked at Mommy and said, "team Canada?" :) Smart kid!

Damon is right at the age where being very attached to things and carrying them around EVERYWHERE is quite common. Currently he goes back and forth between a batman figurine and a ninja turtle on a skateboard. During some quite play time, mom has heard him say "I love you" to each toy. So sweet and precious is our Damon... well most of the time.