Thursday, February 25, 2016

10 years since the question that started it all

February 23 marked the 10 anniversary of Daddy asking mommy to marry him!!

Birthday Month

February is crazy for our family! 3 Birthdays!
But first... it snowed!!

January and February were rough with sickness going around our family. We had a bad cold and eye infection go through us all and then a weird flu bug.

Mommy turned the big 3 0. Mom and dad celebrated by going out for dinner and then to a BYU Young Ambassador performance (they were on tour in GJ). It was a great show!
Flowers from Grandma and Papa

See some similarities?

Mommy's actual birthday started out a little rough but got better and better as they day went on. Houston woke up quite sick having thrown up a few times during the night. So instead of going to church, mommy scrubbed throw up off the carpet. Surprisingly enough, things started to turn around after mom read an entire Captain Underpants novel out loud to the boys. Dad had to go to work but came home later and made quite the spread of yummy food for mommy while we all watched the super bowl. Later that night mommy got a surprise from all the Youth in our ward:

Next was Cooper's birthday. We had a simple party at the church and brought all of our ride'em toys (including our new Thomas) for the kids to play with.

Since it was a Monday night, we also had a fun Family Home Evening activity. We reenacted "the Lost Sheep" parable.

Even though Cooper has not seen the 7th Star Wars movie yet, he is obsessed with BB8 so...

Cooper is a very special member of our family. A child can't get much more lovable and sweet than him. At least once a week we have someone asking if they can take him home with them. So far his personality is a little mix of Houston and Damon and he always has to do whatever his brothers do. We think he will be quite the adventurer and, if he could, would live outdoors. He has such a good balance of so many different qualities and connects with each member of our family keeping us tightly knit.
His talking skills are still a little behind but he seems to learn almost a new word every day. All other physical and mental skills are right on track and we are so grateful. We've decided to hold off on potty training for a bit. Houston was so easy and Damon was so hard, mommy doesn't know what to expect with Cooper!
He currently loves, water (especially pouring it), playing outside on his Thomas Train, throwing balls, throwing food all over the kitchen, wearing his baseball glove, and when he is not wearing that, he has his beloved BB8, wearing shoes all day, dancing, copying his brothers, sippy cups of milk before nap time, going to the park, reading books, climbing on the top bunk or into his crib (neither of which he can get out of), holding hands, and giving Houston a running hug when we pick him up from school.
He dislikes getting his diaper changed, getting washed and fighting with Damon (though it happens often enough, you might think he likes it).
Cooper and his glove

Apparently he wanted more corn flakes.

Cooper dressed himself for our outing

At 2 years old Cooper is 36 inches which is in the 75th percentile an 26 1/2 pounds which is the 24th percentile!

Finally, we had Damon's Birthday party. It was, of course, Star Wars themed complete with light sabers, a death star piƱata, storm trooper cupcakes and lots of crazy fun!

We had his party the day before his actual birthday so we had another day to celebrate. We went out for donuts, to the park and then to use his birthday money. He has been wanting this specific Star Wars Lego Encyclopedia for about a month but has patiently waiting for his birthday so that he could use gift money to buy it! He was so excited!

Three was a great age for Damon and we can't wait to see what 4 brings. His personality continues to round out and we love seeing all of strides he takes. So far he is our most passionate child and each emotion is expressed to maximum intensity. His best friends are his brothers and he will always be the first to start a light saber fight or wrestle with anyone. He can also be extremely tender and affectionate and can never go to bed without a snuggle from mommy. He loves going to preschool and writing his name. Everyday he gets better at recognizing letters and numbers. With his brothers help, he has started to become more interested in learning piano. Of course, Darth Vader's theme has started him off (we are so grateful for John Williams). He is an excellent artist and enjoys making cards for people. He loves riding his pedal bike and scooter and would spend more time outside if would EVER wear socks or a coat or sweater.
At 4 years old Damon is 42 inches which is in the 82nd percentile and 31 pounds which is up to the 11th percentile!

Here is some more good stuff:

Sitting with one of this favorite guys, Josh Fullmer (Daddy's friend and colleague)

Who's taller?

As Daddy was gone for his first road series with the baseball team, mommy got adventurous with us and put together this big rig. Mommy pedaled, Damon road behind and Cooper road in the trailer. Houston was on his own bike. We road to the river trail and had a great time exploring!