Thursday, January 27, 2011


Upon reading the blog entry, Auntie Andi revealed that she did have pictures from the play! Mommy has so much fun doing this with the kids. This is the second play she has directed and Marin, being apart of both so far, thinks that we should make it a tradition.

New Years

We took 2 days again to drive home from Ashley Lake and made it to Idaho Falls the first day. The start was a little scary because I slept in the car. I know most of you are thinking, “he is crazy, baby sleeping in the car is a blessing”. But it is so unlike me, mom and dad knew something was wrong. Sure enough when I woke up at our first stop I threw up all over daddy in the gas station. After we cleaned up, I seemed fine so we set out on our trip again. It wasn’t 40 minutes later that I threw up again, this time in the car all over me and my seat. With no gas station for miles, we did our best to clean everything up on the side of the road. Once again I seemed fine, but we decided to steer clear of food and just have me drink fluids. When we arrived in Idaho Falls I was ready for bed! Just like before, the second day of travel was better. Luckily we only had about a 4 hour drive to Draper which seemed very short compared to the prior day. When we got to Draper, we hung out with Smiths and Grandma and Grandpa Campbell for a bit. Mom and dad had to reorganize and make sure they had everything for the California trip. The reason we did not drive all the way home was because Draper is half way between Springville and Salt Lake and this way we had rides to and from the airport with a place for our car to stay. Our flight from Salt Lake City left at around 5pm and it was almost worse than driving. I pretty much cried the whole time because I was so over tired. When I finally did sleep we were close to landing and upon landing, I proceeded to throw up one last time all over myself and mommy. Unfortunately mommy did not have a change of clothes handy and was less than thrilled to walk through the airport and wait for our luggage covered in my up chuck. Luckily, Grandma and Granddad’s house is only 3 minutes away from the airport. It is quite ironic that the two days we set aside for travel, I have to get a little bug. I didn’t throw up for the rest of the holiday but had a nasty cough and runny nose like mommy.
We didn’t waste any time in California and got right to the fun. It was so nice to see everyone again, especially Ryan who is 11 days older than me. Even though we are so close in age, he seems a lot older. He has been walking for months and can practically run. Plus he is talking quite a bit more and following instructions like a pro. It was cool to see what I will be like soon. The first part of the trip was spent in Alameda at Grandma and Granddad’s house. There we sort of caught up on Christmas gift giving and our family got tons of awesome stuff. Dad’s favorite gift was probably tools. Mom got really excited over her electric frying pan and a ceramic butter dish (I guess you have to be as weird as her to understand).

Uncle Tim explaining so eloquently how to open a gift.

Side note: I forgot to mention what our family gave each other. Mom and Dad got me some awesome DVDs; some classics that are essential in any DVD collection. Dad got mom a yoga game thing and a hot air balloon ride in Park City to be redeemed any time this year. Mom is super excited about it!! Mom got dad some tickets to a Bon Jove concert in March.
One of mom and dad’s favorite days in Alameda was when we went to San Francisco to tour the Walt Disney museum. It is pretty hard to describe in words because it was that amazing. Every room was very interesting and entertaining and they had things to keep all ages busy. It made everyone want to go to Disney Land real bad.

Notice how good I am smiling and Mommy and Cousin Marin's matching hair.

On New Year’s Eve we drove to Brentwood to spend the night at Uncle Tim, Aunt Lora, Kit Kat and Ry Guy’s house. We had one of my favorite meals, lasagna and played games all night. After dinner, mommy helped Marin, Kit Kat, and Troy put on a play. It was based on a book mommy always reads to me about a baby cricket learning to “click” with her mom and other animals. It turned out great and mom is sad she didn’t get any pictures. After the play, things got bad for mommy. Her cold (or whatever she had) peeked and she spent the whole evening and night lying on the couch and was very sad to miss most of the New Years fun.

We decided to stay one more day in Brentwood which was a good thing because played more games, ate more good food and made a lot of special memories. Our last night, we went to visit the Vastolas. Cousin Marissa drove back from Davis just to see us! We had yet another yummy meal made by Cousin Kati and I played a lot on their stairs and with their shoes. Afterwards we had a quick visit with Daddy’s old friend, Craig and his wife Melissa. They just found out that they are having a baby boy and we are so excited for them!!
The trip home went pretty smooth. Our flight was at 6am so we had to be up by 4am. Fortunately (and weirdly enough), I stayed asleep in mom’s arms through the ride, check in, security and right onto the plane. After so long being away, it was really nice to be home!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I forgot...

I FORGOT! I took my first steps over Christmas Holidays! Uncle Mark and I had a love/hate relationship and he was a very persistent coach. I think he worked with me everyday which really helped me have success.
Uncle Mark, even though by the end of the holiday I cried every time you got near, I really appreciate the time you took to help me take my first steps!!
Presently I am walking more and more every week. Mom and Dad are so proud of me! Crawling is still the most efficient way to get around so I do that more, but I’m sure that will change soon.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas at the Lake

After my nap, Sunday, December 19th we headed out on the road north to Montana.

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Our plan was to go just over half way to Dillon. However upon entering Montana we hit some VERY scary weather and pretty much were given no choice but to stop and sleep in Lima’s only hotel (Lima is about 50 miles south of Dillon). We feel blessed that there was vacancy and that the price was not ridiculous. Considering the circumstances and the stress mom and dad were experiencing, I was a pretty good boy. Once I got to sleep, I slept like a “baby” right until 8am which was another blessing. Mom was very worried about sleeping in the same room as me because he usually coughed all night long, but I slept through it all. The next day, traveling was a breeze. We hit no bad weather and made it in great time. That was a good thing because as soon as we got there and unloaded, Grandma, Papa, Uncle Mark, Auntie Laurel and Cousins Ashton and Nick were ready to go get a Christmas tree from the forest. I looked so cute in my snow suite and wanted to play in the snow really bad. We found a very tall, round tree that wasn’t very full but it worked out great and we had a blast setting it up and decorating it.

Each day at the Lake was filled with lots of fun. We probably could have fit more fun in if so many people wouldn’t have been sick (mom!!) but we made due.

Me and Nick on the sled.

Ashton and Nick on the little quad

One day, Papa rented snow mobiles. I wasn’t able to ride them but everyone else went out on short and not-so-short adventures. Daddy, Uncle Mark and Papa were out all afternoon riding as far as they could explore. Daddy loved the snow mobiles because his bummed knee kept him from doing other things (FYI daddy will be getting surgery on his knee this new year).

I had so much fun playing with Ashton and Nick!

Another day, mommy, Grandma, papa and Uncle Mark went snowboarding in Whitefish. This was probably mommy’s favorite day because she hasn’t snow boarded in a long time and really really loves it. They had beautiful weather the whole time and mommy’s cough didn’t even get in the way too much. On Christmas Eve, we all drove into town and most everyone went swimming and water sliding at a local hotel. Our family however decided to go to the emergency room because I had been up all night in some pain. I had a stinky ear infection but we caught it really soon and antibiotics cleared it up fast. That night, Santa actually came to Ashley Lake to visit us. Ashton was the most excited especially when he gave us each a pre-Christmas gift and magically created snow. We all got a picture with him in our matching PJs that Grandma got us.

Christmas day was amazing! I loved all the toys, clothes and books everyone got me; thank you so much!! After we opened gifts, we talked to Uncle Matthew, Auntie Crystal and Wyatt in Toronto. They had a great Christmas and even saw a real camel at a nativity pageant. Later that day, we got to talk to Uncle Derek who was in South Africa. He spent a month traveling all over the other side of the ocean and had quite an amazing experience. The rest of the day was full of relaxation which was nice for all the sickees. Many of us got restless in the evening so we decided to go for some late night sledding on the big hill in front of the cabin. Afterwards, daddy pulled out some fireworks to entertain us and our neighbors, the Wallaces. The kids had lots of fun having a sparkler dance party out on the frozen lake.

We were sad to go on Monday but it was time to go visit daddy’s side of the family for new years. Stay tuned for that post in the near future.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pre Christmas

This all happened before Christmas:

Another good one from our photo shoot.

I loved Santa once he gave me a sucker!

Standing by myself! This is less than exciting if you have seen me recently.

Daddy had a great time in New Mexico besides the fact that there is nothing really to do there. BYU won their bowl game and we are all excited for the season next year. I even have a miniature football uniform to wear to the games!
The day of the game was not only crazy for Daddy but for mommy and me as well. One of Mommy’s old roommates was getting married in Salt Lake and it was a little interesting juggling me and all of the travel/celebration. That morning, we drove to Draper so Smiths could babysit me. I am starting to figure out that usually when we go there, it means mommy is leaving me . Anyways I had a great time with them while mom went to the Salt Lake temple and even got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Campbell who drove down from Canada. Later that night, mom drove to Park City for the reception and I was taken home by G&G Campbell along with cousin Larissa. They took such good care of me and put me to bed like pros. Mom had a great time at the reception even she had been fighting a nasty cold for a week. It involved many of her favorite things such as cheesecake, a make-your- own hot chocolate bar and dancing to great music with friends. Mommy is so happy for Ashley and Brian and hopes all the best for them!!

That night mommy and daddy got home safely but not to relax. We had much to do because the next day we were leaving for Ashley Lake to celebrate Christmas. I will post our adventures of both Ashley Lake and California soon!