Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Pres Day and a Quick Update

To celebrate President's/Family day, after family home evening we went to Dairy Queen and each got a little treat. But for a little guy, mine aint so little. I did pretty good on it though!

Mommy had her 38 week check up today and she has now dilated 2cm. The doctor was impressed but mommy was hoping for a bit more. At least she is progressing though! If the baby doesn't come by next Monday, Feb 27, the doctor said we are welcome to schedule an induction so that could be interesting. We could essentially pick my baby brother's birthday and plan a lot of things out instead of playing a guessing game. So yes, there are advantages to this but one disadvantage is that mommy has to be huge and uncomfortable for more than another week. Keep us in your prayers and we'll keep you updated!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

2 weeks and counting

Me probably watching a youtube video on Dad’s phone. I am completely capable of unlocking dad’s phone, accessing the you tube application, choosing a video that looks good (usually something to do with elmo) and playing it for myself.

I think I am pretty funny when I fall and get stuck in my toy box.

A couple of weekends ago, I was able to go up to Draper twice to visit with Smiths and Grandma and Grandpa Campbell who were visiting to celebrate Auntie Richelle’s 50th birthday. On Saturday, Larissa and Daria babysat me while mom and dad went to a movie with the other adults. I was such a good boy and really enjoyed playing and spending time with them. Larissa and Daria are so good to me!

Mommy is now 38 weeks along which means in two weeks or less I can finally meet my baby brother!! At her 36 week doctor’s appointment, the doctor determined that she was over 1cm dilated and about 60% effaced. The doctor also had to go pretty low to hear the baby’s heartbeat and said he was definitely moving his way down. If mom remembers correctly, this is almost the exact report she received one week before I was born. However that doesn’t mean that my brother will come in a week…just all good news.

Mommy has another appointment on Tuesday and if she still has not progressed much, they might strip her membranes to help move things along (mommy doesn’t really know yet what that means but she hears it is not the most pleasant experience – but she is happy to do anything to moooove things along).

On Feb 7, mommy turned 26! The day started out extra special just for her: she got extra sweet morning snuggles from me after I went to bed quickly the night before and slept all through the night; she woke up to a nice card and birthday balloon from Daddy; and received beautiful pink roses from her visiting teachers (mommy loves her visiting teachers!!). Then the day continued pretty much as a normal Tuesday with mom and me going to Story Time at the library, playing outside, eating lunch and taking naps. When daddy got off work him and the babysitter arrived so that dad could take mom out on the town. I was so excited to see Chelsea, my babysitter, it made it quite easy for mom and dad to leave and take a nice break. First they went to Tacanos, a really nice Brazilian restaurant. Then they went to a near by establishment that was having a karaoke night. Mom and dad each did a solo and then did a very cheesy duet of A Whole New World. Afterwards they went to the theater to watch the new Shirlock Holmes movie which they highly recommend. Mom had an amazing night and is so grateful for daddy and his never ending sweetness!

Here are all the wonderful surprises mom received on her birthday… thanks again to all those who made her day so special.

A week later, our family had a nice valentine’s day. Mommy made cupcakes for our friends and a super yummy cake for us and daddy’s work buddies (vertical layer chocolate and strawberry cake). She also got to break out her new cake decorating set she got for Christmas and had lots of fun with it. I didn’t end up having a nap that day which means I was ready for bed around 7. That was nice for mom and dad to then have a nice evening to themselves eating pizza, watching a movie and being goofy as usual.