Sunday, March 24, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had an extremely busy but AMAZING Christmas in California. Daddy was able to get oodles of time off so flew into Oakland on Dec 15. Uncle Tim, Auntie Lora, and Cousins Kit Kat and Ryan came to meet us and have some fun. Oddly enough with a mother from Canada, the first time I was able to go ice skating was in California.

Check out Great Grandma Copper’s new thrill ride.

And of course we took a trip to the ship with Granddad.

A few days later we drove up to Sacramento to visit Auntie Andi, Uncle Adam, and Cousins Marin and Troy. One day we went to an interactive children’s museum. We could have spent all day there; there was so much to do and learn about!

Above is a picture of our drive along the “Fabulous Forties” near down town Sacramento (streets of fancy old houses that have elaborate Christmas decorations.

After our visit at the Shupes, we drove to Brentwood to visit Uncle Tim, Auntie Lora, Cousins Kit kat and Ry guy. One night we decorated ginger bread houses and I think Daddy and Auntie Lora tied for best decorations. Sleeping arrangements included me sharing a bed with Ryan. In other words, after the parents left, it was chatting time. The first night, my cousin (who is 11 days older than me) and I chatted for over an hour. For some of the time the adults listened at the door and were melting over the things we discussed:
Houston: Where does your daddy go to work? My daddy works at football.
Ryan: my daddy… he goes… he goes to work.
Ryan: I can’t find my pillow!
Houston: Here you can have mine.
Other conversation included mention of monsters, and Lightning McQueen

When it was time to head back to Alameda, there was no time to relax. Grandma Cari and Granddad had planned a road trip down south to San Simeon, CA to tour the famous Hearst Castle Built by William Randolph Hearst between 1919 and 1947.

After arriving we had some time to kill and since our hotel was right on the ocean we decided to do a little exploring.

Even though the tour was meant for adults and the weather was a little rainy, my brother and I were such good boys. Words and pictures can hardly depict the awesomeness of this place! Definitely worth visiting (again).

After the tour, we were hanging out in the visitor center when mommy spotted, for the first time, a real movie star. She recognized him from the movie “A Knights Tale”. After building up courage, her and Damon (she thought he would be a good conversation piece) went over to say hi. We didn’t know this but he is also the voice for King Candy in the Movie “Wreck it Ralph” and gave us a little sample. It was awesome but unfortunately daddy forgot how to use a camera for the picture.

This was the only thing I could really relate to.

The next day, we drove back to Alameda to start the Christmas festivities. As always, we enjoyed each family tradition and created some pretty special memories.

One of the high lights was putting on a nativity pageant Christmas Eve. I was a shepherd and Damon got to be Baby Jesus. Other characters included mommy as the narrator, Marissa and Dan as Mary and Joseph, Katie as the Donkey, Becky and Troy as Wise Men, Auntie Ann as the inn keeping and Marin as an Angel.

One highlight for mommy was going to see Les Miserabe twice in the theater! She went once with Auntie Lora in their PJs on Christmas Day and the once with the big group the following day.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Our Little Man is Walking!


Mom is so not ready for this... check out my progression:

As you can see, a lot of my learning took place while Grandma Schlenker was here visiting in March which is super cool!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More November 2012

Making foot printed Christmas PJs for Grandma and Papa Schlenker.

Visiting the Colorado River

Daddy and I went camping in the back yard. I was such a brave boy and slept the whole night out there.

Thanksgiving 2012

Last year we took 2 really fun trips to Utah to visit friends and family (Smiths). The first one was in September 2012 and was just with Mom, Damon and me. The second one was during Thanksgiving break and daddy came along for that.

Here are some views in Spanish Fork, UT canyon; we were a half hour away from our destination and Damon had a huge melt down.

Larissa (below) and Daria (on bike) entertained us for hours each trip and mom was very grateful to them for giving her a little break.

Helping Uncle Deejay and Daria clean the Thanksgiving turkey.

Bowling Thanksgiving morning.

Jake wanted to use Damon to pick up chicks. It probably would have worked.

We ate our official Thanksgiving meal at Daddy’s friend and old boss’s house (Kevin Morris). Later we met Smiths at Deejay’s parent’s home where there was yummy desserts and a very loud, and competitive game of BINGO going on. Mom won $5 and some gum!

We also snuck down to Springville to visit our old condo and some friends. We had a great time catching up and mom had to fight back the tears each time we started our drive back to CO.