Friday, May 31, 2013

Spring Break 2013

Every spring since Mommy and Daddy were married has been the same: No Break. This is because they were always at BYU and BYU has no Spring Break. This year was different however and mommy got a little taste of what Spring Break is really about. It is basically like Christmas and everyone leaves on vacation for the whole week. Because of this and daddy being out of town with the Baseball team, mommy decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Utah. It was such a great trip! We got to see so many friends and as always, the Smiths were so good to us.
On our way in, we stopped and visited our friends, the Griffiths (Kate, Afton, Kent, and baby Sedrick).
Then we headed to Springville to visit Judy Turnbow and Collette, Brett and Julliette Merrill. We are sad we didn't take any pictures from these visits, but just like when we lived there, they all took such good care of us during our visits. We sure miss them!
Then we continued on to Draper where we packed in so much fun! Here is us at the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum.

Here is footage from our trip to The Living Aquarium.

Our trip home wasn't as smooth so this cute picture was taken at our third stop while playing at a park.

A couple weeks later, we took another quicker trip to Utah that was more planned. This trip gave mom the opportunity to meet up with some old roommates (who are/were both pregnant), some forever friends from Canada (Jen and Karen), and as always, the Smiths. Houston also got his first ride on a ferris wheel at the newly opened Scheels during a nice day spent with Larissa.

Beautiful March 2013


As you may remember, Grandma Schlenker came out to visit us for 10 days in March. With it being the 3rd month of daddy's busy schedule and lots of travel, it was really nice to have Grandma come play with us and give mom some breaks. Her visit also gave us a good excuse to explore some of Grand Junction's surrounding beauty. Below is footage from 2 hikes we took in the National Monument (Devil's Kitchen and Echo Canyon).

Another highlight for mommy was her and Grandma's date night. They hired a babysitter so they could grab dinner, get a pedicure and see a movie.

I sure enjoyed sleeping in mommy and daddy's room so that Grandma could have my bed. Reverting back to my old ways as you can see.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

February: loving the month of love

Fun at the library

Granddad sent me a toy bus to remind me of my first bus ride with him. Grandma Cari sent me grape licorice because they are yummy!

Sunday afternoon

This is what mommy and I made on Valentines day for daddy. It is a heart garden and we filled the hearts with candy.

We took it to daddy at work and this is how he dressed me for a chilly ride in the golf cart.

Mommy made my favorite lunch extra fancy.

Making and eating heart cookies at preschool with my best bud, Gordie.

Grandma Cari and Granddad had sent McDonald's gift cards for a V-day gift so that is how we spent our evening.

As many of you know, Feb 24 is my brother's birthday and he turned 1!!! This toy box was a gift from Grandma Cari and granddad. Soon I will be getting my own bookshelf from other Grandmas and Grandpas too.

Damon at 12 months:
Height: 2.5 feet (30.5in)
Weight: 18.6lb
Head Circumference: 18.5cm (47cm)

Houston at 12 months:

Height: 2.7 feet (32.5in)
Weight: 21.75lb
Head Circumference: 19 in (48.5cm)

We were able to celebrate when Grandma was here visiting.

We are so grateful for our bundle of joy and the adventure he makes each day. He has increased the love in our home greatly. Though he is extremely active, busy and adventurous he always has time for big hugs, kisses and a (loving) body slam. His sweet smile always brightens our days.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

January and February 2013

Here are some pictures daddy took while out on a ride near our house.

I am obsessed with the above picture and often ask daddy to see it.

Toughen out the cold weather for fun at the park.

If Daddy is not busy with baseball games here in town, he is traveling with the team. One trip took him to San Diego. Little did he know that they were staying super close to the temple. He discovered it on a walk. Isn't it beautiful!

Here is a yoga pose Damon will do at random times. We can never catch it on camera but daddy got lucky this time. What a goof ball!

Get ready for a video over-load. Mommy just feels like we need to document EVERYTHING!