Monday, May 18, 2015

Visitors and More

Cooper is getting into everything these days! and loves to help mom clean

Houston lost his first tooth! Mommy ended up having to pull it out and things were traumatic for only a moment. Houston was thrilled at the idea of the tooth fairy coming. Damon not so much. He was simply terrified of her coming. Mommy assured him though that she would be quiet and sneaky. It turns out she was but Damon still ended up in mommy's bed at some point during the night.

Mommy needs to be creative during weekends when daddy is traveling. This particular Sunday, we tried out a beautiful new park and had a rainy picnic.

Damon has really began to discover writing and drawing. We love these little pictures he creates. For one preschool activity, each kid was able to hear all the things his classmates liked about him.

While Great Grandma and Grandpa Cooper visited we did a lot of fun activities:

Outdoor sports festival

Rifle waterfalls - AMAZING!

G&G were very helpful watching the kids during mommy's piano lessons and even watched the boys so mom and dad could go on a date

Getting ready to go cheer for the A's when we go to California

Our next visitors were Grandma Cari and Granddad. They were able to come for CMU's conference baseball tournament so we watched a lot of baseball while they were here. The team won the conference tournament which was very exciting especially for Mickey. He is so dedicated and hardworking; CMU is very lucky to have him!
As tradition goes, we also had to hit up Banana's fun park. And as usual, they spoiled us. Cooper got some cute church clothes, Houston got Darth Vader/baseball jammies (can it get any better than that??) and Damon got new undies and a pencil case. He did not put the pencil case down all weekend and is excited to use it in preschool this fall.

We were very proud to celebrate Houston at his Joy School graduation. It was a special night and we are all excited for the new adventure of Kindergarten.

Fun graduation party for one of mommy's Young Women, Chasity.

We did a test ride to the school Houston will be attending this August. We are excited to have a good school so close (1.5 miles).

Sadly, the CMU baseball team lost out of the regional tournament which means the season is over. We are looking forward to having daddy around a bit more. It doesn't get more precious than this!