Thursday, March 19, 2015

Busy Birthday Month

Cooper, 1 year old (Feb 18)

Will eat anything you put in front of him
Can sign "eat", "more", "milk", "all done"
Blows kisses, give real (slobbery) kisses, clap and crawl like a mad man
Can pull himself up to standing position and starting to cruise along furtinure
has 6 teeth
Completely weened and loves his bottle
Starting to transition from 2 naps to 1 nap which seems early but mom is thrilled. One nap will give us a bit more freedom which will be especially nice as we continue to babysit other children.
Such a copy cat with dance moves, waving, shhhhing, sticking his tongue out and loud noises.
Height: 2ft 5in (37 percentile... shorty, at least in this family)
Weight: 18.8lbs (up to 10th percentile)
Head: 18.5in (76th percentile)

Piano with buddy, Eddie

And Lots of vidoes:

For Cooper's birthday party we invited the Fullmers and Landry's family over and played some games Cooper could participate in: toilet paper unrolling, tissue pulling, crawling, drooling and looking cute.

Damon, 3 years old (Feb 24)

Starting round 2 of potty training and doing great so far. He prefers to go on his own terms and not get mom involved (unless he goes #2 and wants a reward).
Picked out a scooter with Grandparent birthday money and loves riding it and his strider
Has a very good arm and loves playing catch and baseball
Still no broken bones or serious injuries despite his crazy, and at times, reckless style of play
Loves having chores like his older brother. He currently is in charge of taking out the recycling, putting his folded laundry away, and clearing the dinner table.
His communication skills are excellent. He is learning how to express himself more and more everyday and is starting to ask more and more questions.
His interest in writing, letters and numbers has increased and he loves tracing his and his brother's names.
Enjoying swim lessons in the same class as Houston
Still napping the majority of the time, but can get by without
Finally sleeping through the night more often than not
Still eats in small amounts but is good at trying to new things
Still 8th percentile for weight, 70th for height. Getting more agile and coordinated every day with his long, lean little body.

Damon's actual birthday friend party is tomorrow. We'll have to post pictures in the next post.

Mommy, 29 years old (Feb 7)
Can no longer claim she dislikes beans because she eats them all the time.
Taking on more and more piano students and loving it. A good friend of hers is done teaching so she is getting a lot of referrals and actually needs to draw the line somewhere...
Still has no time or energy for exercise but longs for it desperately.
Continues to love her calling as the Personal Progress advisor in Young Women's. Currently the group is learning to sew by making skirt extenders.
We'll leave out mommy's numbers for now ;)

We can't neglect to mention Houston. He is also loving swim lessons and gets braver with every lesson. He is at least a foot taller than each kids in the class. He is also very excited to begin Kindergarten. We currently have 3 school options and we will hopefully have a plan in place by April.

Daddy is the Cubmaster so we like attending the pack meetings he plans

Preschool field trip to the Western Colorado Museum


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