Thursday, September 10, 2015

Quick St George Trip

The CMU Football team's first game was in St George, UT. Grandma Cari and Granddad decided to fly out for it, so mommy and the boys also decided to make the trip. Mom was scared of the 5 1/2 hour drive but the boys were really good. We were able to leave an hour earlier than planned so we made a stop at the Fremont Indian State Park. It was well worth the $6 and gave the boys a perfect break from the car. We even saw 10 sets of real petroglyphs.

We went a day earlier than Grandma and Granddad so we spent our first night at some old friend's house. Mommy has known Ron, Laurel and their 4 boys since she was a little girl and Schlenkers consider them some of their best friends. A few years ago they moved to St George and it was so nice to visit with them. They have a beautiful house that they let us spread out in for the night and we even got to swim in their pool. They own a restaurant in St George and we went there for dinner. The boys helped make this yummy dessert.

The next morning we were able to have a quick visit with an old roommate of Mommy's, Ashley and her 2 cute kids. Then it was time to go meet up with Grandma and Granddad. This picture just says, "happiness".
Before heading out we went to a cool dinosaur museum.

Daddy got to drive home with us and this was one adventurous stop.

Growing up

School starts very early around here. Houston's first day of school was August 6. Houston was so excited and ready. Mom wasn't expecting to cry but in the end had to choke back some strong emotion when seeing her oldest walk off with his class. He goes to half day, morning Kindergarten and his teacher's name is Mrs Delahanty. There are 25 kiddos in his class including his best bud, Carson.

Cooper is 18 Months old!!
Height: 2 ft 9 in, 54th percentile
Weight: 21.8 lbs, 15th percentile
Head circumference: 19 in, 75th percentile

Well he loves to climb, climb, eat, drink and climb. He still loves the outdoors especially because there is so much to climb on. He still loves shoes and dancing. He has developed a great arm and is close to running and jumping. He has all his teeth expect 1 (until his 2 year molars). He threw away his bottles as we all cheered him on. He has always loved sippy cups so we hasn't missed them yet.
His shreeeeeking has gotten a little out of hand. The problem is he is a little behind in his speech development so unfortunately the best way to get people's attention is by shreeking at them. He will sometimes say shoes and juice but that's about it. We find this surprising because he has always been so social and talkative (in his own way) and loves being read to. Mom has a new resolve to be vigilant about sign language and encouraging him to imitate words. So far the sign language has been helping the most.

Cooper loves to play baseball. Anytime he can find something to throw and something to hit with he will insist on playing. Here is an example (mom isn't just throwing rocks at her Coop)

AND Damon started preschool! We have a similar set up to Houston's preschool. There are 5 moms who take turns teaching each week and we follow the Joy School curriculum. He is seriously such a stud.

This also happened!!

In addition to Landry, mom has taken on a few more kids to babysit 1-2 days a week.

Palisade Peach Festival with friends Brandi, Ben and Brody

Poor teething baby.

Fun at the museum

Bathing on his own terms

Damon loves to help

Cooper continues to love going to random people, particularly men. The other boys were like this but not as friendly as Cooper. He even fell asleep in this Bishopric Member's arms.

A fun little game