Friday, April 17, 2009

Second Trimester

To mark the day of my second trimester, Mickey and I attended our second doctor's visit. After the routine checks, our doctor pulled out an instrument that would allow us to hear our baby's heartbeat. After about 5 very long minutes of looking, he gave up and recommended we get an ultrasound asap to see what was up. Not surprisingly, Mickey and I were a little worried but didn't say a word about it until we were in the ultrasound room. When the ultrasound began, we could see the little body moving right away and our fears were alleviated. The little heart was beating 160 times a minute! It was so precious to see. So what was at first a little scare turned out to be a blessing because we already have a picture of our baby and the knowledge that it is healthy. The ultrasound technician told us the reason the doctor could not find the heartbeat was because my uterus is retroverted. This means it is sitting more inside of me than usual. She called me regular variant and said there is nothing to worry about.
Next week we have both sets of parents coming as well as G&G Campbell to help celebrate my long awaited graduation. Hopefully my energy level will increase a bit so I can party hard. We are very excited to see and spend some time with family.