Monday, November 25, 2013

Before the Move

If there are hidden treats, count on me to find them!

Mom chopped it off

Hot Chocolate with mommy!

Houston's first official Lego creation. Mom and Houston spent hours patiently working on this during my naps.

Mom painted this for Houston to help him learn about the planets. It even glows in the dark!
As you can see I am very good about wearing my helmet.
A nasty cold went through our house and we experienced Croup for the first time. Both my brother and I had horrible sounding coughs and could hardly talk. Being is sick is no fun but I did enjoy some nice snuggles with mom and dad when I couldn't sleep. Dad documented one of these snuggles because normally, I am never in one spot for more than 4 seconds making snuggling impossible.
I love ice cream!

For their anniversary, dad got mom and new camera and she had some fun taking pictures of us at Riverside Park. Though it is hard getting a nice natural smile out of Houston these days. When you ask him to smile for pictures, he often looks in pain.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Houston's 4th Birthday

My 4th Birthday was awesome (back in October of course)! On the actual day we packed a lot in. I woke up to balloons leading me from my room to my present from my parents, grandparents and great grandparents: a sweet new pedal bike. MUCH better than the $2 garage sale purchase I learned on. Then Daddy took me to the store to spend money I have been saving for a whole year. I had $30 and was able to get a treehouse Lego set! After this we met mom and Damon at the doctor's office for the Ultrasound that told us the great news about my baby brother. The afternoon was quieter with lots of Lego playing. After mommy and daddy got home from work we went out for corn dogs (my request) and bowling!!

If you haven't noticed, I am obsessed with space right now!

Later that week, all of my friends came over for my Super Hero Party. This party was epic as some of my friends are still talking about it!