Sunday, May 2, 2010


On Monday I had my 6 month doctor check up. Once again everything looks good. Now that I am 6 months old, I can start taking low doses of children’s medication so that means we can get rid of some of my allergy symptoms. I now weigh 18 pounds, 3 ounces and am 28 inches tall and am as healthy as ever. The worst part as usual was the shots. I think I am getting tougher though because I only cried when the nurse game them to me and slept the whole way home.
This Sunday, mom, dad and I are embarking on quite the adventure. We have agreed to watch 3 kids for 10 days while their parents go house hunting in southern California. The ages of the children are 10, 7 and 2. The 2 year old will obviously be quite a handful and mom is a little nervous about watching both of us all day. Luckily their mother has arranged many of her friends to help out as much as possible. The older children seem to be real helpers and well behaved so that should make things easier. I will try my best to sleep as good as possible for mom’s sake because she won’t have much time to take naps during the day. Wish us luck… o the things my parents will do for $500. Sheesh.

This week mom decided to introduce me to some yellow veggies. It didn’t go so well. First she tried squash. As you can see in the video, my whole body shuttered when I took bites and I eventually choked up what I had eaten. I was not a happy camper. Later in the week mom tried to feed me sweet potatoes which had a similar result. Because of the craziness we will be experiencing next week, mom decided to stick with cereal until she can take time to slowly ease me into the new food. Plus I eat cereal super fast so that will be a benefit when she is trying to feed 6 hungry mouths.

The best part about this week was my first time swimming in a real pool. Auntie Anne had Friday off work so she got us into her work out club so we could go swimming. My parents bought me special diapers and a cool frog floaty thing. Like I react to many new things, I had little real emotion or reaction at first; just a mellow fellow. But after I got used to it I started kicking and splashing with my arms. I had to be pretty tough because even though the pool was heated there was a breeze in the air. Mom wasn’t sure how my bathing suite outfit would work because it is for an 18 month old but it seemed to hold up just fine. Daddy was sad he couldn’t be there so I am sure we will go again as soon as we can.

On Saturday daddy drove to a national park to go ride his dirt bike a bit. On Friday he was so giddy and excited. But when he got home he was very tired and very sore. A little more practice and he will be a pro.